What Language Was Vanessa Ranting In On 'BB17'

When you're mad about the outcome of something, it's not out of the realm of possibility that you go off on a tangent, swearing and maybe kicking a hole through a wall, right? OK, maybe not the latter, but the former is definitely a thing we've all done at some point in our lives. Well, same goes for Vanessa on Big Brother 17 , she just does it in a different language. On Wednesday's episode, Vanessa spoke another language in the HOH room after a frustrating competition outcome, so what language was she speaking?

Vanessa's reaction to remaining the HOH was that of another world — or country, at least. Honestly, I was so caught off guard by her sudden burst of another tongue, but I was equally impressed (at this point in the game, I'm impressed by just about everything Vanessa does). So what language was Vanessa speaking? That would be the language of love — French. Vanessa's history with French is actually pretty impressive, because no, when she's mad she doesn't just start speaking a language she doesn't know. (Side note: If Vanessa's outburst reminded you of the French outburst in Parent Trap, you are not alone in this world. Let's grab a drink sometime.)

So what did Vanessa actually say in the HOH room? It was kind of a mumbled clip, but some users on Reddit have theorized that they heard "Ah mince alors zut vraiment," which roughly translates to "Aw, really? Damn." That would totally make sense because her plan to backdoor Austin was slightly derailed when Jackie didn't remain HOH.

Vanessa's background in French stretches back all the way to high school (if not before). After a little investigating, a document listing the Valedictorians and Salutatorians of Vanessa's high school was found and, sure enough, Vanessa is on there. She graduated high school with a 4.0, was involved in a ton of activities, but more to the point, was apart of the French Honor Society.

Vanessa also shared a story about going to French school when she was younger, so she clearly has a very long history with the language. I'm hoping we see more upset Vanessa so we can hear more of her angry language. To keep up with Vanessa's badass game play, check out Bustle’s very own Big Brother podcast, The Diary Room. Listen to the latest episode below, and be sure to check out future episodes on Bustle’s SoundCloud page and iTunes.

Image: Cliff Lipson/CBS; Giphy