Georgia May Jagger Rocks Rainbow Hair

Whoa—we're doing a double take: Georgia May Jagger dyed her hair rainbow, and actually looks really chic. I mean, why stick to pink, blue, or green, when you can have it all and more? In a world where pretty much every hue has been used, it seems only one choice left is to stand out, and this English babe is showing just how grown up My Little Pony can be.

Thanks to celeb hairstylist Alex Brownsell, Georgia May Jagger is rocking a trend I haven't seen much lately. The model took to Instagram to debut her new look, captioning "Bronies with @alexbrownsell @bleachlondon Mermazing Hair colour," insert eight rainbow emojis here. And, instead of just taking the dye to her tips, she went all for it. Pretty rad.

Brownsell also posted a photo of Georgia May on her own Instagram, captioning it "Guess's out @georgiamayjagger." The best part about this dye job is that it's not too in your face, so it avoids looking cartoon-y and can still be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion.

And, since the color fades in, it'll probably be easier to maintain. We all know the hardest part of an extreme dye job is the maintenance. Hello, Kim Kardashian West's platinum dye job and constant upkeep?

For comparison's sake, check out her natural color.

I'm super into the idea of colored hair for summer—sun's out, dyes out. Whoever said blondes have more fun are clearly misinformed—by the looks of it, rainbow heads have the most fun.

Images: @georgiamayjagger/Instagram