How Did Clay Offend Becky On 'BB17'?

If you think the drama is going to be less tense now that Jason is out of the Big Brother house and Liz and Julia are officially playing as two individuals, well, you're wrong. Big Brother 17 is getting even more heated and partly thanks to Clay offending Becky. According to dedicated BB fans and live feed followers, it looks like Clay is causing all kinds of tension with Becky. So much so, that Shelli had to talk to her other showmance half about how he's coming off as being aggressive with his words.

Apparently, all this drama and tension started because of a conversation about Jackie. While chatting with Clay and Shelli, Becky said they need to evict James, and after that Clay can get Meg to join at alliance with them and Becky can recruit Jackie. Clay is weary of Jackie, so he started questioning Becky's game. He wanted to know if Becky would be willing to evict Jackie, if needed. Well, that made Becky feel attacked and like Clay didn't trust her loyalty to him, Vanessa, and Shelli.

In per usual BB fashion, Becky didn't talk it out with Clay, but rather chose to have a conversation with Shelli about her feelings.

Becky explained to Shelli that she feels like she's done so much for the group, but she isn't feeling the love back from Clay. All she wants is Clay's trust, which Shelli tried to assure her she does have. Shelli wanted Becky to understand that Clay is just skeptical of Jackie and was only feeling Becky out in case they do have to get rid of Jackie. She assured her Clay wasn't attacking her.

Of course, Shelli reported back to Clay and Vanessa about her conversation with Becky. Clay admitted he doesn't really know if he trusts Becky 100 percent, because it's hard to tell where her head is at and who's she playing the game with.

Uh oh. Lots of drama going on here! It's hard to say if Clay was speaking aggressively with Becky or not, because I have yet to watch the live feeds or see the conversation. However, if he was, maybe he needs to be a bit more careful how he phrases things. I can't blame him for wanting to feel everyone out. You only want people you can trust wholeheartedly by your side, right? Also, it pretty much seems like Clay and Shelli have the upper hand in the BB house, so Becky might want to tread carefully, or she just might be the next to go.

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Images: Sonja Flemming/CBS