These Celebs Love 'PLL' Just Like You

When it comes to ABC Family's Pretty Little Liars, there are people who watch the show because they like it and it's entertaining. Then, there are those who consider themselves ultimate Pretty Little Liars fans. You know who else is part of this somewhat crazed group? Celebrities. That's right, there are some celebrities who love PLL probably just as much or possibly even more than you do. When it comes to the amazing series that keeps viewers up all night theorizing about the infamous A, well, it looks like some very famous faces are right there with us.

You might be surprised by some of the names below, but it's very satisfying to see my fellow PLL watchers include some of my favorite actors, actresses, and singers. I mean, now I can throw a viewing party for the unmasking of Charles DiLaurentis on Aug. 11 that also includes these celebs. OK, I know they won't really come, but a girl can dream. All I ask is they live tweet with me. That's not too big of a request, is it?

Here are few of the famous faces who freak out over the fantastic drama just like the rest of us.

Sophia Bush

Just add this to the long list of reasons I adore the Chicago P.D. actress. Sophia Bush watches PLL, which also means she should probably guest star on the series. Who's with me?

Eric Stonestreet

As you can see above, the Modern Family star is in love with Pretty Little Liars and he doesn't care who knows it. Even though these tweets are from a few years ago, I have no doubt Stonestreet is still watching his favorite Rosewood residents.

Betty Who & The Jane Doze

Singer and bestie to Sophia Bush, Betty Who also can't get enough of the Liars. As you can see above, alongside DJ duo The Jane Doze, she reenacted her favorite PLL scenes. Yep, it's amazing as it sounds. Also, do you think Sophia and Betty watch the show together? I really hope so.

Lauren Conrad

Finally, your favorite star from MTV's The Hills is also obsessed with Hanna, Emily, Spencer, and Aria. LC, you have great taste.

I think it's about time they shared their theories about Charles DiLaurentis, what about you?