Kristin Is Now Starring In A Hair Infomercial

For someone who made a career out of starring in pseudo-reality TV shows, it's no surprise that Kristin Cavallari's Secret Bangs infomercial is all about a product that's meant to fool the eye. The former star of MTV's Laguna Beach and The Hills appears in the two-minute advertisement for temporary bangs. You read that correctly: Lauren Conrad's rival is now selling fake hair on YouTube.

The commercial begins with Cavallari standing in (what we're supposed to believe) is her own closet. She starts gushing about her bangs and how obsessed she is with them, but proceeds to pull a large piece of her hair off her head. She still looks amazing, but her hairstyle drastically changes in just a few seconds, thanks to the temporary hair extension that she's now holding in her hand. In case you were wondering, Cavallari's Secret Bangs color of choice is medium golden blonde.

"Secret Bangs gives me so many looks without scissors or salons," the Balancing on Heels author says. "Secret Bangs give you the freedom to be flexible." A montage of everyday models, ahem, real women show just how versatile the product is by pairing it with a variety of day-to-night outfits. So, what's the secret? The bangs, which are made from a conditioned keratin fiber that resembles real hair, are attached to a headband that fits securely on your head. It looks simple to use and promises to perfectly blend with your hair.

Check out Kristin Cavallari's Secret Bangs infomercial below:

Say what you will about Cavallari's hustle, but bangs are such a commitment and growing them out can be a pain, so maybe she is on to something.

Image: Giphy