When Does Austin Want To Be Eliminated On 'BB17'?

With all of this talk about Austin wanting to self-evict to jury on Big Brother 17 , I have a few questions about how he’s playing the game. Like, specifically, what is he trying to accomplish at this point? Does he want to win the game or does Austin want to be eliminated to save Liz? And, if that’s really what he wants — to be eliminated, that is — then, when exactly does he want that to happen? Why take up a valuable spot in the house if you don’t even want to win the game any more? Why not self-evict now and get it over with? WHAT IS THE MEANING OF LIFE?!

Of course, that question about why he doesn't just self-evict already is the easiest one to answer: Austin doesn’t want to self-evict anytime soon because he wants to stick around for as long as possible to protect Liz. Because I’m sure Austin is thinking that, as long as he is in the house, Liz will be safe. She’ll either always have his vote or he’ll at least be there to self-evict if it starts looking like she’s going to be the one on the block.

My guess is that, as long as Liz is in the house, Austin is going to want to be in the house.

But, if what his hopelessly romantic and mushy heart really wants is for Liz to win the game, then he has to be smart about when he self-evicts. The best time for him to do it is when he can guarantee himself a spot on the jury, which means he has to be one of the final seven evicted — not including the final two. And, with twelve players still in the game, he has a looong way to go before he would safely land himself on the Big Brother jury.

So, with that in mind, I’m banking on Austin trying to stay in the game as long as possible to keep Liz safe. Once it’s clear that either one of them is next up for eviction, he’ll probably put himself on the block first to keep Liz in it for another week.

But, if that happens before the final seven? Then my guess is that he’ll fight to stay in the house. We’ve already seen him save himself from the pits of eviction once, so it’s something he’s definitely capable of.

Regardless of where his head is these days with all this Liz love floating around, you gotta admit, Austin knows how to manipulate people and get what he wants in the game. He’s proven that. All he has to do now is keep his head down and his talking tight. If he does that, he might just have a chance to make it to jury.

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Image: CBS (3)