New 'Intern' Trailer Is Even Cuter Than The First

by Rachel Simon

It's been a long time since a Nancy Meyers movie was released — way too long. The last film from the director came way back in 2009, and although it was a good one (It's Complicated, you rock), it wasn't enough to tide me over for another six years. Thankfully, the wait is finally over; The Intern , written and directed by Meyers and starring Anne Hathaway as a fashion CEO, will be out in September. The first trailer was released back in May, and now, a new Intern trailer has been released — and suddenly, all those years of waiting seem very, very worth it.

Because as good as the first clip was (and with Hathaway instructing new intern Robert De Niro on how to use Facebook, it was good), the second trailer gives an even better glimpse at the delightfulness to expect come Sept. 25. From Hathaway and De Niro's adorable budding friendship to Adam Devine's explanation of emoji use to De Niro's fist-bump with his co-workers after a massage gone... intense, the new clip is a perfect mix of the sweetness and hilarity Meyers fans have come to expect from the director's films.

If two trailers aren't enough to whet your appetite for The Intern, though? Check out the movie's Pinterest board. Meyers is a fan of Pinterest (no surprise there — have you seen her Instagram?) and the filmmaker/decorator-porn leader used it during the making of her latest movie, so it's fitting that the site is being used to help promote a film that is surely going to be another mouth-wateringly gorgeous addition to her resume. Just look at that office! Honestly, if Meyers released an entire movie solely about how she chose the wall hangings and countertops for her films, I'd watch it (and I'd probably be first in line).

The Intern, also starring Rene Russo, Nat Wolff, Anders Holm and Andrew Rannells, will be released on Sept. 25. Check out the new trailer below:

Image: Warner Bros.