Don't Forget That 'BiP's Mikey T. Was Pretty Shady

Finally we have some new reality TV to dig into now that Bachelor in Paradise is underway. It's here just in time, I almost went a whole week without any sort of dating show and that is just unacceptable. Bachelor in Paradise Season 2 is going to be a good one, filled with both heroes and villains from our past seasons. Like new Bachelor in Paradise star Mikey T. I think everyone needs a friendly reminder: Mikey was shady as hell on The Bachelorette during Desiree's season. Not remembering Mikey? I've got you covered. Mikey Tenerelli is a business owner/plumbing contractor, and he was a contestant on the ninth season of The Bachelorette. He sure left an impression on Desiree Hartsock that year.

He was eliminated in Week 5, but not before stirring up all sorts of drama. First he picked a big fight with single dad Ben Scott. It was not cute. Then there were all sorts of doubts about why he was even there in the first place, he seemed so disinterested in Des. It seems like Reality Show Dating 101: You get on the show, you get interested in who you are wooing. Or, you respectfully go home. But, he seemed way more into his bro-time then his lady time, and it had all the guys talking.

That wasn't even the worst of it though. He was overheard by some of the guys (not the most reliable of sources, but seems pretty legit under these circumstances) talking to his bro/buddy/fellow contestant James about how they were going to party it up in Chicago when the season was over with a ton of rich women on his boat (ew) and the chances of them making it on another show — double ew, but now accurate. Des kicked him right out, and he was so surprised.

I actually think he'll be a pretty good competitor this season, since it's more about surviving elimination and less about true love, but that doesn't mean he's not kind of a jerk. If ever there were a definition of "there for the wrong reasons" it's Mikey T. Will he redeem himself on BiP? Well... we'll have to see.

Images: ABC/Rick Rowell (2)