What Would Lauren's Departure Mean For Ashley I.?

The season has barely begun, but Lauren Iaconetti is already thinking about leaving Bachelor in Paradise. Promos for Sunday's episode show that Lauren wants to leave for a boyfriend back home. She wouldn't be the first contestant to leave voluntarily, but her departure could affect more than just herself. She and her sister, Ashley I., came to Mexico as a team: If one got a rose, the other was safe. So what would Lauren's departure mean for Ashley?

Ashley fans, don't fret! Even if her sister walks out, Ashley is likely safe. After all, Lauren was a tagalong to Ashley's adventure, not the other way around. Ashley's earned her place in the Bachelor universe and her trip to Paradise isn't contingent on her sister's stay. The two can stay together as long as one survives, but if one chooses to leave it's not like they're such a packaged deal that the other would have to go, too.

Plus, Ashley and Lauren are very close, and I highly doubt Lauren would voluntarily say "Adios!" if she knew it meant unfairly forcing Ashley to lose a shot at something that's clearly important to her. Still, I would definitely be sad to see Lauren go before we really get to know her. Two Kardashian lookalikes are better than one, and the new dynamic of two sisters would be a great breath of fresh air.

Here's hoping Lauren will meet a special guy STAT so she can be convinced to stay in Mexico. But, if not, don't cry!

Ashley is most likely safe whether Lauren chooses to stay in Paradise or packs her bags to go home, which is great because losing two Kardashian lookalikes in one episode would just be too sad.

Image: Screengrab/ABC (2)