Zendaya Says Fashion Makes Her More Confident

To say that it's frustrating to feel like you're receiving two competing messages (love yourself, as long as you follow these weight loss/makeup/fashion tips) from society and the media all the time is an understatement. Zendaya Coleman's comments on self-confidence to Nylon prove that she feels your pain. The singer/actress/phenom/Adigirl ambassador spoke to the magazine about how her "number one" tip when it comes to gaining self confidence is that "it doesn’t just happen."

As a young star, Coleman's words are huge when it comes to helping other teens get more comfortable in their own skin. By being honest about the fact that, for some people, learning to love yourself is a long journey, Coleman breaks down the pressure to just be OK and love yourself despite being a member of a society that sometimes seems run by the diet industry. Coleman told Nylon that she's realized all of this firsthand when it comes to her own self-image:

You shouldn’t feel discouraged if you’re not waking up and feeling amazing about yourself. That’s not necessarily how it works ... It’s a developing process. Everyone goes at their own speed. For me, it’s just something you have to continue to work on. It’s a growth and a process. As long as you take every opportunity to learn more about yourself and fall more in love with yourself every day, you’re doing good.

Coleman also said that self expression in fashion has helped her be more confident and excited about herself and her look, but she knows that some people find their way there through sports or the arts. "For me, it’s kind of been about fashion and experimenting, and trying things has made me less afraid of what other people think of me," she told Nylon. "Whatever I feel at this point — I’m unafraid. I’m ready to be out there and be different and take fashion risks."

For so many people, the fashion industry can cause harm to their self image, inspiring the need to "keep up" with others. Undoubtedly, Zendaya's take on how it actually makes her more confident is super refreshing.

Lucky for us, we have Zendaya's Instagram (aka the ultimate embodiment of her style experimentation and rad-ness) to turn to in times of major inspo, sartorial, spiritual, and otherwise.

Images: Getty Images