How Cake Photos Are Taking A Stand Against Shaming

There are two things the Internet contains in abundance: cat videos and trolls. Cat videos are the undeniably better option, but trolls are often a daily part of life for bloggers like Cashmerette, who was fat shamed for daring to post an Instagram photo of the fabric she planned on turning into an adorable bikini. Her response to being instructed to "eat less cake," however, was so perfectly sarcastic that it inspired an entire hashtag of its own, #CakeWithCashmerette. Now that's what I call solidarity.

"To the random jerk who fat shamed me this morning in a comment and suggest I eat less cake: as you can see from this pic my life is just a sad mess, so I'm glad you've helped steer my dietary choices," she wrote on Instagram, ending with the hashtag #CakeWithCashmerette. "Cheers!"

Can I get a praise hands emoji? As Cashmerette's brilliant post caught the attention of other women, the hashtag took on a life of its own. Within days, users began tagging pictures of themselves happily eating cake, or a variety of other delicious-looking baked goods, with #CakeWithCashmerette as a way of showing support for the blogger. Oh yeah, and also giving rigid beauty standards a giant "eff you," because really? Some people still think that bikinis are just for skinny people?

The popularity of the hashtag has been aided by Cashmerette herself, who has taken to posting her favorite examples to her account.

Some users took the "eff you" part more literally than others. It is glorious.

I'll conclude with this photo, because the expressions are truly incredible.

So what are the lessons to be had here?

A) Stop fat shaming. Come on. Why is this still a thing? Skinny bodies are great. Curvy bodies are great. The only bodies that aren't great belong to Minions, but only because they house the most annoying children's movie characters to ever exist.

B) Don't mess with the women of Instagram, because they will happily troll the trolls right back.

Image: Colby Stopa/Flickr; Giphy