Is Jillian Still Single?

There are a lot of contestants from Chris Soules' season coming on Bachelor in Paradise Season 2 but perhaps none more memorable than Jillian Anderson, who had a pretty rocky go of things during her time on The Bachelor. After things didn't work out with Chris, Jillian came to Bachelor in Paradise looking for love. Unfortunately things didn't go very well, and she was eliminated during the first rose ceremony. But, does that mean Jillian is single in real life? Maybe she met someone off the show. It's time to social media stalk.

You may remember Jillian as the contestant on Chris' season who was mocked for being strong, and winning all of the fitness competitions (though how being in super good shape was twisted into a negative is still beyond me). Then, while everyone stripped down to their bikinis Jillian's butt was mysteriously censored with a black box covering her bikini bottom. It was super bizarre, and led to a lot of unfortunate speculation about grooming and public decency. It was a dark time in Bachelor history.

Things have gotten better for her, though. She may not have made it far on BiP, but thanks to the magic of social media we know that Jillian has been living it up and hitting the gym. While she's likely single and has just being doing Jillian for the last few months, she's been doing it in style.

Catching The Music Festivals

Hitting up Lolapallooza, looking single and ready to mingle. Not sure if she made it to Cochella but it seems very likely.

Staying In Shape

I don't care what the haters say, you never know when you're going to need to superman lift someone.

Goofing Off With Friends

In a perfectly tanned, Instagram-ready way that is. Also more proof that she can wear bikinis without any sort of bizarre black box following her.

Poking Fun At Her Bachelor Past

I mean, when it's time for a slow clap that's really all you can do. Bonus points for solid reality-TV survival skills: Don't whisper while wearing a mic.

Repping Ohio

Well, repping Ohio and looking insta-cute, that is. When she wasn't travelling all over, she was dropping in on her home state.

Giving You Food Envy

Food game on point, and now I'm hungry. BiP may have not been the place for her, but Jillian looks like she's doing just fine.

Images: ABC