Jon Stewart's Final 'Daily Show' Is Secretive

The face of late-night Comedy Central programming has changed a lot in the last year and with the final episode of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart airing on Thursday, Aug. 6, another show is about to change. Based on the star power that was featured in The Colbert Report's final episode back in December, Stewart is bound to have a farewell of even a greater magnitude, so who will be the final guests on The Daily Show ? Since Stewart announced his departure back in February, fans of The Daily Show have had months to prepare for his last episode, and so has Stewart. So there is no way the host is going to go out with a whimper — he's going out with a bang.

For Stewart's last three "regular" episodes from Monday, Aug. 3 to Wednesday, Aug. 5, the guests were Amy Schumer, Denis Leary, and Louis C.K., respectively. Leary and C.K. have been friends with Stewart for years and Schumer is hysterical in her own right during interviews, so I hope fans of The Daily Show didn't miss Stewart's banter with these comedians. But while the last three normal-formatted episode guests were announced in advance, details are scarce about Stewart's 50-minute farewell episode on Thursday, Aug. 6.

Although Comedy Central and Stewart are being secretive about what's going down, it won't be a surprise if Stewart's last show brings in bigwigs from both the political world and entertainment industry.

Colbert's finale hailed an eccentric list of visitors, including James Franco, Henry Kissinger, Cyndi Lauper, Brian Cranston, Cory Booker, Ken Burns, Gloria Steinem, and Big Bird. And since Stewart has been the anchor of The Daily Show for over 16 years (Colbert had his own show for 11 seasons), I expect there to be even more A-listers supporting his final night behind The Daily Show desk.

Yet while I am intrigued to see who stops by the set for Stewart, his final show shouldn't be all about the guests. Stewart is/was perhaps the most compelling interviewer on late-night TV, but besides the fact that he won't have a lot of time for interviews in his last episode, most of his charm comes from his spin on the news.

Although his final episode should be a special send-off, I'm already dealing with the stress of saying goodbye to Stewart and I need his take on whatever ridiculous political news is floating around on Aug. 6 before he officially says farewell. Because what's a Daily Show episode without Stewart's astute and hilarious observations on politicians and the media?

Stewart's interviewing charisma and likable demeanor are bound to bring star power to his finale episode and while I can only cross my fingers at my dream list of guests (President Obama and J.K. Rowling don't seem completely out of the question, do they?!), I hope Stewart's last night behind The Daily Show desk focuses on saying goodbye to the true star of the show — Mr. Jon Stewart.

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