Is Someone On 'Bachelor In Paradise' Pregnant?

The Bachelor franchise loves to tease us with scandalous promos that have us counting down the days until the next episode. So, after the drama filled two-hour season premiere on Sunday, our most pressing question is: Who on The Bachelor in Paradise is pregnant? That's right, looks like we've got another sex/pregnancy scandal on our hands, guys. Only, we probably don't.

The answer is probably far less scandalous than producers have lead us to believe. Let's not forget, this franchise has played similar mind games with us in past seasons. Remember when a pregnancy test was teased last season on The Bachelor, only to never be mentioned again? Yeah. I'm skeptical of all things Bachelor and pregnancy-related now.

The promo in question is leading viewers to believe it involves involve Ashley I., because ABC thinks there's no such thing as talking about her virginity too much. The teaser had someone saying, "Wait. You're not a virgin. And you might be pregnant?" And, which Bachelor contestant was a famed virgin? That's right, Ashley I.

First of all, I'm inclined to think the line was a joke taken out of context. Also, it wouldn't be the first time video editors have made it look like Ashley lost her V-card. Last season her heart-to-heart and make-out session with Chris was edited to appear as though they engaged in some wild tent sex. So, forgive me if I don't believe the edit team this time around.

Whether Ashley leaves Bachelor in Paradise with her soulmate or not, I think it's safe to assume that she will probably leave a virgin. Although Ashley has made clear that she's not a virgin for religious reasons or because she thinks sex before marriage is morally wrong, her virginity is important enough to her that she'll probably want to be with a guy for more than a few weeks before having sex. (And probably won't want to do it with a bunch of cameras around.) But, if not, that's 100 percent her choice and let's hope she's neither slut-shamed nor virgin-shamed this season — we've already seen more than enough of that.

Image: Rick Rowell/ABC