Are Andi Dorfman & Kaitlyn Bristowe Friends? 'The Bachelorette' Has Bonded Them For Life

Even though I'm pretty obsessed with the show itself, I'd never want to be on The Bachelorette. Not just because I'm not single and therefore ineligible, but because I just don't have the guts to subject myself to the kind of criticism that comes with a gig like that. (Even though the sparkly dresses and exotic vacations do seem totally appealing.) After going through an experience like that, it's not surprising that most Bachelor Nation stars become close friends. And, now that her season of The Bachelorette is done and she's lived to tell the tale, it's also not surprising to find out that Kaitlyn Bristowe is friends with Andi Dorfman, the previous Bachelorette.

These two have a lot in common, actually — way more than the fact that they've dated 25 guys in hopes of finding true love on national television. They both had less than stellar experiences on The Bachelor, they both went from regular people to celebrities practically overnight, and they've both been faced with the task of rejecting Nick Viall in favor of a potential happily ever after with a guy they had stronger feelings for.

Andi tweeted about Kaitlyn's Bachelorette season often (usually advising her to run far, far away from Nick), and her tweets were always super sweet in the face of all of the hate that Kaitlyn unfairly received for the decisions she made this season. Bachelorettes always stick together, y'all — and Andi's always been big on the importance of being nice to everyone.

Despite all of these supportive tweets that kept coming, the first real evidence of their friendship came from Instagram. Andi shared this adorable photo of herself hanging out with fellow Bachelor alum Sharleen Joynt and our girl Kaitlyn in NYC, proving that their bond is a real thing.

More evidence? This photo from Sharleen. Are they the cutest friends or what?

OK, I changed my mind. Maybe I do want to go on The Bachelorette so I can be friends with Andi and Kaitlyn. And being that they're my two favorite Bachelorettes ever, I'm so glad that they're pals — especially since I suspect that life after the show never truly goes back to normal. I'm glad that they have each other at least. And Andi and Kaitlyn, if you're reading this? Next time you hang out, call me. I need in!