Has Louis Confirmed The Baby News Yet?

It has been an excruciatingly long four days since the world found out that Louis Tomlinson is reportedly going to be a father, yet there has been no official confirmation from literally anyone involved in this equation and it is straight-up TORTUROUS. Sure, People broke the story with a reported friend's revelation of the news (and The Mirror has done their duty by speaking to Tomlinson's "estranged father"), but I can't be the only One Direction fan obsessively refreshing any and all Louis-related news in the hopes that maybe today will be the day that Louis Tomlinson finally confirms the baby news.

Update: On Sunday, July 19, One Direction mentor Simon Cowell confirmed that Tomlinson will indeed be a father, telling The Sun that he advised the 23-year-old, "you're fortunate because you’re in a position to be able to look after the baby."

To be fair, the singer has already broken his silence with a fairly telling tweet, calling 1D's Seattle concert on Wednesday night an "amazing show" and thanking fans for their support. The fact that he didn't deny the baby news (and also thanked fans for "the support") pretty much speaks volumes about the validity of the story, but it's still nothing compared to a real, official confirmation from Tomlinson himself, the alleged mom-to-be, Briana Jungwirth, or a One Direction spokesperson.

Still, it's inevitable that the singer will make a statement at some point soon (or at some point before this alleged baby is born). So, while you're waiting (and waiting and waiting and waiting some more) for Tomlinson to finally say, "I'm gonna be a dad" you might want to consider keeping these tabs open. You know, just in case you're as obsessed as I am.

He could make a statement on Twitter

Twitter is clearly Tomlinson's favorite method of communication, and he's used the social media platform to do everything from feud with Naughty Boy to deny many a rumor in the past. The singer has never been one to hold back on Twitter — thus proving that his account is actually run by himself and not his PR team — and that probably gives him a lot of control. And that's something he'd want a lot of when he decides to officially make this baby announcement.

His rep could issue a serious statement

Every pregnancy is a life-changing situation — I mean, there's a whole new life (and multiple other lives) involved. If Briana Jungwirth is, in fact, pregnant with Louis Tomlinson's baby, there are a ton of things that need to be addressed, and it should probably be done in a serious manner. To be honest, a statement from a rep would probably be all about how happy and excited both parties are and how they request privacy during this time. Hopefully, it would also include a reassuring statement about the future of One Direction and how Louis Tomlinson is going to be a great dad.

Everyone in the situation could give their input

Remember when Zayn Malik quit One Direction and literally everyone involved gave their own input during the announcement? I could see something like that happening here — a statement from Tomlinson, a statement from Jungwirth, a statement from One Direction... and, let's be real, probably a statement from Simon Cowell thrown in there as well, just for good measure.

He could announce it at a show

One Direction are currently on the North American leg of their On the Road Again tour, so there's always the possibility that Tomlinson could just say "eff it" and set the record straight in front of the crowd. But considering the fact that 1D have a ton of young fans, the whole unplanned pregnancy announcement would might not be the best idea.

Ultimately, no matter how Louis Tomlinson decides to confirm the news, it'll just be relieving (and yes, still shocking) to finally have the statement we've all been waiting for.

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