Can You Finish These Michelle Tanner Quotes?

by Kelsie Gibson

We all fell in love with the family sitcom, Full House, from its valuable life lessons to its funny characters, but one of the greatest things about the show, even today, is the memorable Full House quotes. Each character was unique in their own way, and each character was equipped with their very own memorable sayings, from Joey's "cut. it. out." to Jesse's "have mercy." However, out of all the gang, Michelle Tanner's sayings were definitely the most quotable. Thus, I devised a test to challenge even the greatest Full House fan's knowledge on the best Michelle Tanner quotes from the show.

Even though she was the youngest Tanner girl, she was by far the most relatable. Not only was she super adorable (when she wanted to be, of course), but she was also super sassy when things did not go her way. It was that exact wit that made her lines some of the most iconic on the show. Because, when she was not having heart-to-hearts with Uncle Jesse, she was speaking to our soul about her love of all things food. See how well you remember these iconic Michelle quotes — if you're a true fan, her words of wisdom still stay with you to this day.

1. "There's a _________ in the kitchen!"

A. DonkeyB. PieC. CarD. Woman

2. "When I see a _________ I can’t forget about it."

A. PuppyB. CookieC. CakeD. Kitten

3. "Please, no pictures. My _________ is a mess."

A. HairB. RoomC. OutfitD. Face

4. "I stayed up all night to kiss a _________? This is _________."

A. Boy...Ridiculous.B. Dog...Silly.C. Boy...Silly.D. Dog...Nuts.

5. "You’re _________ welcome."

A. VeryB. NotC. SoooD. Un-

6. "I can’t take it. I need that _________."

A. BoyB. PonyC. CakeD. Shirt

7. "She is driving me _________."

A. NutsB. CrazyC. Bananas D. Loco

8. "Let’s roll _________."

A. GirlsB. DaddioC. JoeyD. DJ

9. "To the _________. Let’s move it _________."

A. Park...MisterB. Beach...MissyC. Mall...MisterD. Kitchen...Stephanie

10. "I’m sorry, but the man had ___ _____."

A. A puppyB. A lollipop C. Ice creamD. Chocolate cake

11. "You got it, _________."

A. SisB. JesseC. DudeD. Girlfriend


1. C. "There's a car in the kitchen!"

2. B. "When I see a cookie I can’t forget about it."

3. A. "Please, no pictures. My hair is a mess."

4. D. "I stayed up all night to kiss a dog? This is nuts."

5. B. "You’re not welcome."

6. C. "I can’t take it. I need that cake."

7. C. "She is driving me bananas."

8. B. "Let’s roll dadio."

9. C. "To the mall. Let’s move it mister."

10. C. "I’m sorry, but the man had ice cream."

11. C. "You got it, dude."

If you got more than six of these correct, then "whoa, baby," you are pretty much an expert on all things Full House.

Images: Warner Bros. Television; Giphy (11)