What Is Steve’s Secret On 'Big Brother 17'? Vanessa Is The Only Person Who Knows & We're All Curious

There is very little off-camera time that the houseguests get on Big Brother, but, when they do, there always seem to be some secret that we totally miss out on. Of course. So when I heard that Steve told Vanessa a secret on Big Brother 17's live feeds, I threw my hands in the air, turned my face to the sky, and cursed the Big Brother gods for denying me yet again. I mean, why else do I watch a show that is all about voyeurism but to hear all of details that the houseguests don’t want the general public knowing? That’s kind of the whole point! So of course, ever since Steve was overheard talking to Vanessa about the secret he told her, I have been agonizing and obsessing over what it might actually be.

The juicy detail, which Steve told Vanessa when the cameras were turned off — either during a competition or during a random outage — was something that no one else on the show apparently knows. Steve is overheard saying that he made sure that this bit of information about himself “never came up” with any of the other houseguests or with the production team. Clearly it’s a secret that he is determined to keep.

The fact that he doesn’t want any of the houseguests to know it totally makes me even more curious to figure out what this secret is. But it also hints at what the secret itself might be. What wouldn’t a houseguest want the other houseguests to know about himself? Anything super personal would be an opportunity to win sympathy and maybe even a little support, so I doubt it’s anything like that. I’m thinking it must be something that makes him a super threat. So, with that in mind, here are the secrets that I think Steve is most likely hiding from the rest of the house:

1. He’s A Member of MENSA

This wouldn’t be surprising, but it would be a super threat to his houseguests during intellectual challenges.

2. He’s Really Eighteen

I mean, he looks like he could be, right?

3. He’s A CIA Agent

Maybe just a pencil pusher, but STILL.

4. He’s Related To Someone Famous

Maybe he learned from Frankie Grande’s mistakes and kept that information to himself?

5. He’s Part of Another Twist

Maybe he has a twin, too?

Whatever Steve’s secret is, I hope we can find out about it after the season ends. Come on, Stevie! Don’t leave a gossip girl hanging!

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Image: CBS (6)