Will Julia Try to Evict Austin On 'Big Brother 17'? She Needs To Get Him Out Before He Gets Her Out

There is one thing that Austin needs to remember this season on Big Brother, especially as he falls deeper in love with Liz: You should never come between sisters. So when Austin tried to pit Liz and Julia against each other, I really started to worry about his standing in the game. Would Julia to evict Austin as a result of his favoritism, especially since he went so far as to try to conspire to get Julia out? Liz and Julia are by far his biggest allies — much to Julia’s chagrin — and trying to play them against each other so early in the game was a bold and reckless move. But, whether or not he is actually trying to turn them against each other or was just trying to get Jason to not see them as a threat, is still unclear. What has become entirely clear in recent days, however, is that Julia no longer trusts Austin because of it.

My initial thought was that Julia would come into the Big Brother house as her own player in Week 5 and be gunning to take Austin out. After he told James that he thought Julia was after him, she was livid. And, in a game that is all about trust, there’s no coming back from that kind of betrayal. So, I was definitely surprised when Julia didn’t come straight for Austin after entering the house. Instead, she seemed to take a step back, and wait to see where the chips would fall.

Smart girl.

Because, what she probably realized was that, even though Austin is ultimately a huge threat for her — since he’s so in love with her sister and all — right now, he’s one of her biggest allies. You know what they say: Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer. Right now, for Julia, Austin is doing more good than harm, so it makes sense that she wouldn’t try to evict him straight out. But do I think she will try to evict him eventually? Hell. Yes.

When push comes to shove (aka when Austin becomes a bigger threat than he is an ally to her), all of my money is on Julia trying like hell to evict Austin before anyone else. He’s proven to her that he is one of her biggest threats in the long-run, which means she’d be silly to not get him out when he is no longer useful to her.

Better start trying to make it up to these sisters now, Austin. Before you lose your love — and the game — for good.

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