What Blue Really Balls Feels Like, According To 8 Men Who've Been There — For The Most Part

Ah, blue balls, an elusive term many believe is a myth devised by men to give a medical reason for why they should orgasm. Yet, when they throw around the term to try and win some pity, we can't help but remind them that we've also felt sexually frustrated before, and that yes, they will in fact live. And while I will make fun of a guy who uses the age-old excuse, I can't help but secretly wonder, do blue balls actually exist? What is this fabled phenomenon, does it happen all the time, and what do blue balls feel like?

Well, turns out science says that blue balls is 100 percent real. According to the University of California, Santa Barbara, epididymal hypertension (better known as the old blue testicles) results when blood flow from arousal is trapped within the genitals. When a man becomes excited and ready to do the deed, arteries that carry blood to his privates will enlarge, while veins carrying blood away from his bits will restrict, allowing the blood to remain in the area and cause an erection. The testicles will also enlarge to 25-50 percent their normal size, all getting ready for the big moment. But, if that moment never happens, the blood that has been pooling in the genitals doesn't return to normal circulation. What often results is that the now deoxygenated blood will leave a blueish hue in the, you guessed it, ball region, causing feelings of discomfort and intense pressure.

But some say men aren't unique in this area. In fact, a term was devised for the female equivalent of blue balls known as “pink balls,” because we experience a similar frustration related to blood not flowing out of our vagina when we don't orgasm. But because we tend to be the superior sex, we deal with it with dignity, and grace.

So now that you know that this seemingly exaggerated condition exists, I've decided to ask a few guys on all ends of the sexual spectrum exactly what it feels like to have your junk become discolored and angry with the world. Spoiler alert: I still don't feel bad for you, guys.

1. Tom, 26

2. Blaise, 20

3. Fabian, 22

4. Gerry, 24

5. Sam, 32

I see what you did there, Sam.

6. Henry, 25

7. Chad, 36

What a strange combination of profoundly disturbing and oddly poetic.

8. Steve, 27

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