Why Isn't Becky Seen More On 'Big Brother 17'? It's Best For Her Game To Stay Off The Cameras

Have you had your fill of Clay and Shelli? Have you seen enough of Austin’s tattoos to get you through to next summer? This season, like all seasons of Big Brother, a few of the housemates have taken center stage during the broadcast episodes. Their drama and intense gameplay is the stuff producers probably dream about. But, as a result, there are some players who are being seriously excluded. Like Becky. Don't you wish you saw more of Becky on Big Brother 17? The girl is a serious contender when it comes to physical challenges, and has even made questionable decisions when it comes to gameplay (like telling Clay and Shelli that James was going to put them up on the block… what was that about?). And yet we still never see her during the live broadcast. Why not? I have a couple theories.

First of all, she is a tried and true floater. She hasn’t made friends with either side exclusively. She’s been in on strategy chats with James and Meg, but then has also gone and told Clay and Shelli what they were talking about. This is a risky move, but also one that is kind of uninteresting. As a floater, she doesn’t create enough drama or pose enough of a threat to the other players to get people talking about her. And, let’s face it, the cameras — or at least the people behind the cameras — focus on the people who everyone is talking about.

Also, as a floater, she hasn’t been involved in any major gameplay. Her move to tell Clay and Shelli about James wanting them to go up on the block during Sunday night’s episode was honestly the riskiest move she’s made this season. And since there are so many other contestants making major moves and shaking up the house, her small gestures often go overlooked and ignored.

Plus, she’s not causing any drama. If there’s one thing the cameras look for the in Big Brother house, it’s drama. And, as long as she’s not starting fights or telling lies or making deals that she then backs out of, she’s not going to get much airtime.

Not that that’s such a bad thing. It’s bad for viewers, sure, because Becky is awesome, and I want to see more of her. But, for the sake of her game, it’s probably a good thing that she’s not rocking the Big Brother boat. The times when she has gone up on the block, it’s been pretty much assumed that she’s not going home because, as long as there are bigger threats in the house, they’re going to be out long before Becky ever is.

So I say more power to her for staying out of the camera light. If keeping her focus on flirting with Johnny Mac and playing tons of pool gets her to the end of the game, then so be it!

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