14 Signs You Were A Book Nerd Growing Up

by Alex Weiss

You were that kid in elementary school who got overly excited for story time and actually got along with the librarians. Show-and-tell day meant bringing in your favorite book that was tattered and worn from so many re-readings. The most exciting day of the year for you was the Scholastic Book Fair. You grew up with a passion for reading, and even though you weren't always understood, you embraced your book-nerd qualities to the fullest.

I'm right there with you. Growing up as a book nerd, there were some harsh realties to face in a world where you can't read all the time. I’m not sure when exactly the line is drawn, but somewhere between elementary and middle school, there’s a point where reading is no longer considered “cool”. Being the odd one out is never easy, but as you pushed through, you realized being cool was nowhere near as important as the lessons you learned within your favorite stories.

Realizing that not everyone enjoys reading as much as you (and having to put the book down to make friends) seemed scary and strange at first, but eventually you found the perfect balance (hopefully. maybe...). Here are some of the things all book nerds — then, now, and forever — will understand.

1. You Often Had Trouble Balancing Fiction With Reality

Pulling yourself out of a thrilling adventure in a book and having to face the problems in front of you was — and still is — the worst. Cleaning up around the house or listening to your friend go on and on about boy drama is a balancing act when you’re just aching to read that last chapter. And sometimes, you'd find yourself daydreaming about a character so much that you even got a little confused between reality and fiction.

2. You Had To Face The Gastons Of The World

You so related to Belle. Books never ignore the villains, and neither does reality. Growing up loving books more than likely brought attention to you (even though you were just minding your own business and not bothering anyone with your silent reading time) and caused people who dislike reading to tease you. But you knew from your favorite books that the bad guys never win, and eventually, us book lovers learn to ignore the haters.

3. You Got Into Trouble For Reading

While your classmates were getting scolded for passing notes and talking during class, you were trying to sneak in a chapter underneath the desk. Unfortunately, the teacher usually caught you and it got you into trouble.

4. You Became A Permanent Daydreamer

It's easy enough to get lost in a story, but once you were pulled out of it, it was hard not to think back to the characters and plot. Whether you were in class, at home, or even at a slumber party with friends — sometimes you just couldn't help but let your thoughts drift off to book-land.

5. You Had To Learn How To Make Friends With Non-Readers

Some people just don't enjoy reading, or don't read as much as others, and that's OK. As an avid reader myself, though, this was a hard reality to face when it came to making friends. Sometimes it could be a challenge to relate, but opposites do attract. And most importantly, every reader needs good friends to bring them outside for some sunshine and much needed social interaction every now and then.

6. Your Halloween Costume Was Never Easily Understood

Let's face it — no one knew you were dressed up as Violet Baudelaire or Laura Ingalls Wilder when you rang their doorbell. You embraced the unique costume and enjoyed telling people about who you were, because you snatched up every chance you had to talk about your favorite book.

7. You Ignored Bedtimes

Whether you had a strict bedtime or not, you always lost some much needed sleep because you wanted to read more than anything else. You learned to stash a flashlight under your bed and pretended to be Harry Potter underneath the sheets as you lit up the pages with your lumos spell.

8. You Looked Forward To DEAR Month

Drop Everything And Read. There are no sweeter words than those. This was a piece of cake for you, literally, because you got cake and ice cream at the end of the month when you finished the challenge. I wish DEAR Month was mandatory for every month and everyone.

9. Your Favorite Day Of The Year Was The Scholastic Book Fair

The day the library transformed into a pop-up bookstore was about as exciting as going on vacation for you. The hour that your teacher allowed you to visit was never enough, so you always convinced your parents to take you after hours and buy those brand new books you couldn’t seem to live without.

10. ...And The Catalogs Were Your Heaven

Time to go shopping!

11. You Never Thought The Movie Was As Good As The Book

You knew after seeing the Harry Potter movie adaptations there was no competition to the books, but that didn't stop you from getting excited to see the movies. Being able to dress up and celebrate your favorite book in public with other fans will always be an event you're signed up for.

12. You Spent Your First Paycheck On Books

Your first job, even if it was babysitting your cousin or raking the yard, meant you had an extra chunk of change that was heading straight to the bookstore. As much as your mom and dad tried to convince you to save it, there was no stopping this purchase.

13. You Were Always At The Nearest Library

The librarian probably knew you on a first-name basis, and they always had new book recommendations for you. It was your second home and if anyone was ever looking for you, you could almost always be found wandering up and down the aisles.

14. You Never Quite Wanted To Grow Up

You'll never fully grow up, because reading taught you to keep your curiosity close to heart. You’ll be forever young between the pages of books. And you wouldn't have it any other way.

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