What Do The Evicted Houseguest Think Of 'Big Brother 17'? They've Been Tweeting Up A Storm

When a contestant signs up for Big Brother, they make a commitment to put their entire life on hold for a summer in hopes of winning $500,000. It comes as a great shock to houseguests when they don't even last long enough to make it to the jury, forcing them to go home early. They're thrust back into the real world after having been on national television for only a few weeks, and come back to thousands of new followers on Twitter. Weirdest of all, the people they spent the past few weeks with are still on TV and still being broadcast 24/7 online. Often after getting evicted, Big Brother houseguests use Twitter to stay in touch with fans and stay involved in the season.

The evicted contestants so far from BB17 have not been afraid of providing their commentary on the season as it continues without them. Before social media, early evictees seemed as though they fell off the face of the Earth, never to be heard from again. Luckily, now that Twitter and other social media outlets allow contestants to give insight to the season, fans are still able to enjoy a world with Jason, Da'Vonne, and Audrey! (Luckily no one is forcing us to follow Jace or Jeff if we don't want to.) Despite having returned to their pre-BB lives, these former houseguests have found time to comment on their friends and enemies within the Big Brother house. Here's what they think about the game so far.

Jace Wishes He Had Been Around Longer

Jace's status as the first evictee of the season is the defining aspect of his Twitter personality.

Da'Vonne Has No Idea What Becky Is Doing

Da'Vonne's Twitter game is absolutely on point. She's honest, opinionated, and tweets often about what's happening in the house.

Audrey Has A Great Sense Of Humor About Herself

Audrey was one of the oddest houseguests of all time, but fully embraces her inner weirdness.

Jeff is Proud of His Former The Amazing Race Partner

Jeff agrees with just about everyone who watches Big Brother. Jackie is playing hard, and it's amazing to watch.

Jason Is Not a Fan of Liz

It's no surprise that Jason is still bitter considering how he was evicted, and he's probably especially upset by Liz's cruel goodbye message.

Jace Is The Worst & Attacking Liz For No Reason

Ugh, It's a blessing that this jerk didn't last longer than a week.

Da'Vonne Does Not Like Shelli & Clay

It's no surprise that Da'Vonne is not a fan of these two houseguests.

Audrey Does Not Like Shelli & Clay

A lot of the former houseguests don't seem to care for Shelli and Clay (probably because they got most of them evicted).

Jeff Does Not Like Shelli & Clay

Wow people really don't like Shelli and Clay.

Jason Is Surprisingly Quiet

Jason has stayed pretty quiet on what is happening inside the house, but that may be because he was evicted very recently and is still coming to terms with his status outside the house. Hopefully, as the season goes on we'll see more of the colorful commentary we saw inside the house on his twitter page.

Audrey Has The Oddest Dreams

That sounds more like a nightmare than a dream...

Da'Vonne & Jason Love Each Other

One of the coolest parts of seeing houseguests on Twitter after their time on the show, is watching them reconnect with each other. Da'Vonne and Jason had a strong friendship on the show that was cut tragically short, but it's great to see that their connection has translated outside of the house.

Very soon, houseguests will be getting sent to the jury house instead of going back home. This means that we won't be able to see their commentary on the rest of the season as it plays out. However, if we have these five houseguests talking about the rest of BB17 to come, Twitter could prove to be a very interesting place to be for the rest of the summer. For even more thoughts on Big Brother this season, check out Bustle's podcast The Diary Room, and find more episodes on our SoundCloud page.

Image: Monty Brinton/CBS