Who Plays Young Libby In 'Dark Places'? The Actress Behind The Creepy Role Is Bound To Be A Familiar Face

In Dark Places, the new film based on the Gillian Flynn novel of the same name, Charlize Theron plays the role of Libby Day, a woman whose parents were murdered when she was eight years old, and whose own brother was convicted of the crime. Now, decades later, Day is revisiting the case in order to finally try and figure out what really happened to her parents, and to see if her brother is innocent. The movie is full of dark mystery, just like Flynn's other recent adaptation, Gone Girl, and as challenging as Theron's role is in the new movie, one could argue that it's not as gut-wrenching as the role of the young version of Libby, who was actually present during her parents' murder. But who is the actress who plays young Libby in Dark Places ?

The young version of Theron's character is played by the talented Sterling Jerins. The name of the New York-born, 11-year-old actress may not ring a bell, but it's pretty likely you've seen her face before. Despite her young age, Jerins has managed to score roles in some major movies, and even a couple TV shows. Here are the places where you might have seen her already.

World War Z


Jerin's most prominent role so far was playing Constance Lane, the daughter of Brad Pitt's character, in this zombie blockbuster.

The Conjuring


Another significant role in a horror flick, Jerins played the daughter of Patrick Wilson's and Vera Farmiga's characters, a role which sees her get attacked by a possessed doll. The movie was also inspired by a true story, leaving me to wonder how this kid sleeps at night.

Butterflies Of Bill Baker

Jerins had a small role in this independent film about a man who commits dangerous acts due to a night terror disorder. The actress certainly seems to have a pattern.

And So It Goes


Yet Jerins doesn't just do horror and thriller films. She also appeared in this Rob Reiner comedy, playing the surprise granddaughter of Michael Douglas's character.



Jerins is relegated to the background of this ensemble film about a man who learns that his estranged father is dying. Amy Adams and Terrance Howard make up part of the cast, continuing Jerins' streak of strong co-stars.

5 Flights Up


Speaking of powerhouse co-stars, Morgan Freeman and Diane Keaton are an old married couple confronted with moving out of the New York apartment they've shared for 40 years in this flick. Jerins shows up as a young girl who befriends Freeman's character.


This short-lived NBC crime drama featured Jerins in a recurring role. She appeared as Lily Bowers in five of the series' 11 episodes.

Royal Pains


Jerin's first screen credit was on this USA drama. She appeared as Gina in one episode in 2011. It goes without saying that her character was welcomed.

This kid is everywhere, and her career is only getting better.

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