‘Pretty Little Liars’ Clues From Season 1 Finale Remind Fans That The N.A.T. Club Is Still Out There

Nothing makes me long for a simpler time quite as much as Pretty Little Liars Season 1. Remember when we thought there was only one A whose identity we needed to worry about, rather than an entire A team, all of whom have dedicated their lives to making Ali, Aria, Emily, Hanna, and Spencer suffer? Now, here were are in Season 6, and we've also got the added bonus of trying to figure out the identities of PLL's Red Coat and The Black Widow, who were introduced in Seasons 2 and 4, respectively. Still, I. Marlene King always had a master plan — so I re-watched "For Whom The Bell Tolls," Pretty Little Liars' Season 1 finale for clues and unanswered questions we might've missed.

Although the Summer of Answers hasn't quite lived up to its name thus far, at least we can look back over the past five seasons and see that some things have been cleared up. We know it was Ali, not A, who was dressed in a black hoodie and saved Spencer from Ian in the Season 1 finale. Oh yeah, and Ali had actually been alive the whole time (psyche!). But there are still some loose ends from Season 1 that haven't been tied up. So, in the interest of I. Marlene King really delivering on her promises, here are a few clues and questions from "For Whom The Bell Tolls" that the Summer of Answers needs to address:

1. Logan Reed

Remember Logan Reed? Yeah, me either, until I re-watched this episode. Logan only appears in two episodes throughout the entire series, the first of which is "For Whom The Bell Tolls." He was hired by Ian after the Liars sent him a text demanding money in exchange for their silence about his relationship with Ali the summer she went missing.

Logan brings the money to the woods where Aria, Emily, and Hanna are waiting, but he's grabbed by Garrett — who warns him to keep quiet — before he delivers. We see him again, for the next and last time, in the beginning of Season 2 when Emily recognizes him as the messenger from that night and he tells her that he was hired by a woman to deliver the money. Although he doesn't remember her name, we are led to believe it's Jenna. Garrett pays him in exchange for his silence, and we never see him again.

Here we are in Season 6, and Ian and Garrett are both six-feet-under. And, as far as we know, Jenna's alive — even if she's been AWOL this season. Pretty Little Liars has a habit of bringing back characters when we least expect it. So, could Logan have been playing dumb about his role in the payoff? He and Jenna could be plotting something together right now. Sure, we were led to believe that he was nothing more than a courier, but let's be honest — who on Pretty Little Liars has ever been totally innocent and clueless?

2. The Thumb Drive

When Ian confronts Spencer at the church, she is in possession of the thumb drive that contains footage the N.A.T. Club taped of Ali and the Liars through their bedroom windows, along with Jenna seducing and threatening Toby. Spencer throws the drive back into the pews to distract him, then runs up to the belltower.

Pastor Ted finds the drive in Season 3 (did they seriously not clean the floors of the church anytime between Season 1 and Season 3?) and gives it to Ashley Marin, who destroys it. However, it's entirely possible that there is a backup drive and A is waiting for the perfect moment to release the videos.

3. The N.A.T. Club's Arc Is Probably Not Over

The N.A.T. Club's founding members were Jason, Garrett, and Ian. As the only survivor at this point, Jason should probably tread carefully. I. Marlene King has said there may be more members to the club than were originally revealed. Melissa and Jenna have connections to the club, and Wilden and CeCe Drake are suspected members. With Wilden dead, could CeCe make an appearance and answer some of our questions? Her whereabouts are currently unknown, but I can think of no better time for her to return to Rosewood than for The Summer of Answers' final episode.

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