What Happened To Ashley S. At The Hospital? 'Bachelor In Paradise' Featured A Romantic Medical Date

Another season of spinoff show Bachelor In Paradise , another trip to the emergency room. Every season, one of the contestants gets sick, and this time around, Ashley S. was carted off to a Mexican hospital because she was suffering from severe hydration. I mean, it makes sense — there’s a ton of booze flowing during production, and they filmed during the hot, hot summer. Not hard to think that there were less than a few water bottles being consumed during the first night at the show. Lucky for Ashley S., Dan went along with her and the pair had a hospital date.

The gentleman that he is, Dan jumped in the ambulance and kept Ashley S. calm while she was given fluids and cooled down. Then, at the hospital, he elected to get an IV right next to her, probably to assuage her fears of needles or something else romantic and swoonworthy like that. I mean, come on. What a guy, right? I would take that date over many other dates I’ve seen on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette (like that sumo date or the rap battle date from Kaitlyn’s season).

Ashley S. wasn’t even sure that she would connect with anyone during her time on Bachelor In Paradise, so that dehydration situation turned out to be a lucky occurrence for her and Dan alike. After they got back to the Bachelor In Paradise resort, the two hung out for a real date, and they were both so normal and so comfortable with each other. It was really nice to watch, and it feels, from a viewers standpoint, that they’re really building something there.

Who knew that a Mexican emergency room could be that romantic? If these two get engaged, maybe The Bachelor/ette will be planning more dates in a medical setting. It wouldn't be the craziest place they'd set up a one-on-one, that's for sure.

Images: Rick Rowell/ABC