This Is Way Better Than Being In A Relationship

by Lindsay Tigar

It’s Sunday morning. You groggily wake up, hungover from Saturday shenanigans, and you turn to your side looking for a little somethin' somethin'. Or, ya know, a lazy snuggle to start the day. And there it is: the big, huge, heaping empty side of your bed where a significant other could be, should be snoring. Ugh. But while you might be wishin’, hopin’, and prayin’ for some magical someone to swipe right on you at the exact moment you swipe right on them (#fate), there are some major perks to being single.

Think about it. Your schedule is completely up to you, you never have to share the egg rolls, you can travel on a whim without consider anyone else, and you always have the opportunity to sloppily make out with anyone you want to on any night of the week. Although sure, your next great love could legit be right around the corner. Single people: Possibility is everywhere!

But in case you need some gentle (and hilarious) reminders that singledom isn’t the worst diagnosis you’ve ever received, consider these things that are truly better than changing your Facebook status to "in a relationship":

1. In The Hot, Humid Days Of Summer When Walking Two Blocks Feels Like A Hot Yoga Class That You Didn't Sign Up For, You Walk Past A Store That’s Blasting Their Air Conditioning. BLESS YOU.

2. Spooning With Your Dog, Who Never Judges You, Always Comes When You Call Her, Lets You Confess Your Deepest, Darkest Secrets Without Saying A Word, And Will Gladly Entertain You For Hours By Simply Looking Freakin' Adorable.

3. Buying Something That You Might Not Technically Need Because You’re Not Paying A Mortgage Just Yet, And Well, You Can Afford It. Work It.

4. Dressing Up For The Hell Of It, Just Because You Want To Feel Snazzy And You Could Care Less About What Someone Thinks Or Approves Of. It's About You, Not About Anyone Else.

5. Shamelessly Spending An Entire Weekend In Bed, Ordering Takeout And Binge-Watching TV, Because It's Your Life And You Totally Can.

6. Booking A Last-Minute Flight To Wherever The Hell You Want Because It's On Sale And Your Friends Need A Vacation, Too.

7. After A Long, Stressful Day At Work, Being Able To Relax Without Anyone Asking You How Your Day Was, What You're Eating For Dinner, Or When You're Going To Clean Up That Mess In The Corner. Buh-Bye, I’m Napping.

8. Want To Work Out Every Day And Not Have To Fit In A Happy Hour, Dinner, Or "Time To Reconnect Because You Miss Each Other"? No Probs. You Do Whatever Ya Want.

9. All Of The Coffee You Want In The Morning, And All Of The Wine You Want In The Evening.

10. Spending The Day At The Beach Without Having To Entertain One Single Thought, Person, Or Wish.

11. First Kisses On Surprisingly Good Dates, Featuring Those Butterflies That Are Only There In The Beginning.

12. The Satisfaction That Comes With Knowing That, While You Want To Meet Someone (One Of These Days), You're Doing Pretty Damn Well On Your Own

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