9 Lessons Kaitlyn Bristowe's 'Bachelorette' Season Taught Us, Like That Poetry Still Sucks

It's barely over and I am already feeling withdrawals from the season finale of The Bachelorette. Luckily, we have Bachelor in Paradise to sustain us until our next Bachelor takes his place in the hot seat in January. But, in the meantime, there are many lessons fans can learn from Kaitlyn Bristowe’s season of The Bachelorette. Unlike those before her, Kaitlyn made up her own rules and did what was best for her throughout the season. Even if people didn’t like her choices, she stood by how she felt and made decisions for her, not for anyone watching the show, which is exactly how it should be when it’s your future and you’re looking for your husband.

There were many things that set Kaitlyn’s season apart from the seasons before her. Besides the fact that we started out with two Bachelorettes, for the first time ever, rose ceremonies were not the focal point on the show. Kaitlyn never waited to send people home — when she knew they weren’t the one, she took them aside and sent them packing. And she broke the rules further by allowing Nick to come on the show, but she did it because she thought they had a connection. Basically, what I’m trying to say is that Kaitlyn is probably the most genuine, real Bachelorette we’ve ever had and there are many lessons we learned from watching her find love.

Everyone’s Journey For Love Is Different

As everyone could tell this season, Kaitlyn didn’t really do things by the book. She didn’t wait till rose ceremonies to send guys home and she was intimate before you’re supposed to on the show. While many people were annoyed with how the season played out, it pretty much proves everyone’s journey is different.

Kiss And Tell Is The Best Policy

Even though it was hard for Kaitlyn to tell Shawn the truth about having sex with Nick, she did it because she felt that she would need to be honest for their relationship to progress. As it turns out, kissing and telling was the right choice in this case.

Don’t Tell Someone They Are The One Too Soon

Yes, Shawn was the one, but it was unfair of Kaitlyn to tell him that in the middle of the season. If she didn’t choose him in the end it would have been really messed up to say something like that.

Have Some Humility

If Ian taught us anything, it’s what not to do as a human being. Oh you went to Princeton? And you ran track? Well, you must be God’s gift to earth then, right? He said his ex was hotter than Kaitlyn — OK, so go back to her then? There are things you say on a reality show and there are things that you keep to yourself forever. It’s a lesson we could all use when our heads get too big.

Sometimes You Gotta Test Drive The Car

I’m sorry, but I would never get engaged without having sex with someone first. It’s a personal opinion and Kaitlyn can do what she wants. She stood tall through all the flack she received from the press and from people on Twitter, but if there’s a physical connection, you shouldn't have to hold back when you’re trying to find a husband.

Don’t Break Up With Someone While Near A Cliff

Seriously though, Cupcake had a meltdown when Kaitlyn let him down and they were on the cliffs in Ireland. Obviously there was a crew there, but it wasn’t the best place to leave him after getting his heart broken.

Some Relationships Move Much Faster Than Others

During every other season, I’ve felt like everyone was kind of moving at the same pace and, while you knew there were stronger feelings for some, it has never been as jarring as it’s been in Kaitlyn’s season. It was so obvious which relationships were moving quickly and which were stalling and that’s how life really is, you just tend to click with certain people more than others.

The Importance Of Distinguishing Lust From Love

Ashley S. guest starred to get Kaitlyn ready for a date and had these wise words of advice about Nick: "But that's lust ... In relationships, like, you're always going to have times when your lives are not in sync exactly, and it's really important to have another connection, like a friendship.”

Poems Still Suck

I’m sorry, I know that poems used to be this big grand romantic gesture when Shakespeare was around, but its 2015. And when guys write poems for girls on the show, it’s always stupid.

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