7 Baby Clothing Lines I Want To Wear As An Adult

For me, being pregnant was almost as much about the clothes as it was about preparing for a new baby. In the beginning of my pregnancy, I was all about using my own threads for as long as possible. Towards the end, though, it was the baby clothing lines I would eventually dress my daughter in that served up all my sartorial inspiration. I must admit that it's far too easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of cuteness.

I still remember a shopping excursion with my husband to our local department store at the eighth month mark. "Just put it down, Christie," he said as I oohed and ahhed over, like, 15 clothing items in a row. We had only gone in for some baby laundry detergent — so I could start washing the plethora of clothes I had already gotten — and to continue our stock-up of diapers. Being the often-more-responsible adult among the two of us, my hubby calmly ushered me away from the perfectly marketed array of charm.

Now, I'm not trying to be selfish here, but so many of the adorable baby clothes I saw in my insatiable hunt for lovely designs are so on trend that I don't just want to clothe my newborn daughter in them. I'd be happy to don adult versions of (basically) everything myself. It's certainly not a new idea, but buying mother and daughter matching sets — however cheesy — is something I'd totally dig.

Here are just seven baby and toddler fashion collections that I totally wish I could wear.

1. Thief & Bandit

Cactus Twirling Dress, $44, Etsy

This unique Etsy shop sells really cool prints that are cute enough for babies, but modern enough for mommies. All its products are handmade and designed by Amie Cunningham, an entrepreneur from Canada. There are a lot of bold prints to choose from, and guess what? Thief & Bandit actually does have an adult line, too.

2. Vindiebaby's Kyru & Lobo Line

Squirrels Pink Cardigan, $39, Vindie Baby

This whimsical collection is full of animal-inspired pieces with the vintage flare that Vindiebaby is known for. There are some truly unique and bright items in this range that'll make you feel like the youngster you used to be, traipsing through the woods looking for adventure.

3. H&M Kids

Cotton Blouse, $9, H&M

Though its aesthetic for the infant line is definitely much more traditionally babyish than its adult range, the H&M Newborn collection is incredibly modern and chic, with many of the items also sporting H&M's beloved Conscious label. Simple designs and great prices are two of the things I love about buying from H&M day to day, and the same is true when it comes to its collections for kids.

4. Blu Pony Vintage

Peach Jumper, $58, Blu Pony Vintage

Blu Pony Vintage has some exquisite pieces inspired by the '20s to the '40s. A line like this made for adults would undoubtedly make childish style become all the rage.

5. Monsoon

Baby Bright Eyes Dress, $58, Monsoon

Monsoon is an eye-catching women's retailer based in the UK, so when I found out that it was not only going to sell to the States, but that it would also have a baby range, I couldn't have been more delighted. Its designs are traditionally feminine, incorporating lots of florals and girly colors that brilliantly translate into baby wear.

6. Tea Collection

Old Soles Fringe My Boot, $80, Tea Collection

This brand has a unique approach when it comes to designing children's clothing. According to its "About" page, the folks at Tea Collection travel the world twice a year and then pour their inspiration into the looks they create. Tea Collection also believes in ethical sourcing and manufacturing, so its clothes don't just appeal to your eyes but to your heart as well.

7. Camp Wolf

Ramblin' Jumper Dress, $43, Camp-Wolf

This brightly-colored range is perfect for the artistically-minded. Camp Wolf designs clothing made to play with a sense of individuality, straying from the typical types of baby clothes you see — making it appealing to the artsy adult, too. The brand does offer some of its designs in adult sizes, so you may have to snap up a T-shirt or two.

Oh, to be young again.

Images: Courtesy Brands