'Jurassic World' Sequel Hints Indicate Some Interesting Plot Twists, But These 6 Things Totally Need To Happen

Universal's Jurassic World hit theaters earlier this year and, unsurprisingly, it was a smashing success at the box office. While paying homage to the original franchise, the film follows Bryce Dallas Howard's character Claire and Chris Pratt's character Owen as they try to contain a genetically modified dinosaur that escaped from captivity. Since the film did so well, naturally, the Jurassic World sequel is officially in the works. Director Colin Trevorrow will be returning for the second installment of the new franchise, and he spoke with Wired to drop some hints about Jurassic World 2 . So, what can audiences expect? For one thing, Trevorrow said it won't be "just a bunch of dinosaurs chasing people on an island."

Trevorrow went on to hint that he was most excited about the science behind the dinosaurs in the film. This is unsurprising, of course: A major plot point in Jurassic World when the genetically modified Indominus Rex outsmarts her human caregivers and is able to bring the theme park to its knees. Surely, as Trevorrow suggested, the Masrani Corporation (who funded the Indominus Rex) isn't the only company in the Jurassic World universe that is looking into genetic modification despite its obvious pitfalls.

Though we know very little about the plot for Jurassic World 2which is currently set to be released in 2018there are are six things that absolutely must happen for the film to be as exciting as possible.

1. Dinosaurs Outside Of Isla Nublar


Isla Nublar is an island just off the coast of Costa Rica where Jurassic Park and its prehistoric creatures are housed. Though it's probably a good thing that the dinosaurs live isolated from other parts of the globe, it would make for a much more exciting film if a dino — or two — were to be found on the mainland.

2. Dinosaurs With Human-Like Qualities


The Indominus Rex was able to terrorize the park because her genetic modification made her extremely intelligent. Though she was a vicious creature, I can't help but think how amazing it would be to give the gentler dinos more human-like qualities.

3. More Villainous Characters


I'm a sucker for a good villain, and while Jurassic World boasted a couple of unseemly characters, I think that the sequel should really aim for one terrible antagonist who terrorizes both the humans and the dinosaurs in the film.

4. Shirtless Chris Pratt


It has been super exciting to watch Chris Pratt become a superstar over the past couple of years... and also to see his abs. So, just saying, Jurassic World 2 needs to have Chris Pratt shirtless for a least one third of the film. (After all, its an essential plot point.)

5. Jurassic Water Rides


One of my favorite scenes from Jurassic World is when Claire's nephews Zach and Gray watched an aquatic dinosaur eat a shark. Not only was the scene beautifully filmed, but their reactions were also priceless. Jurassic World 2 should be full of water rides for the aquatic dinos.

6. Science Experiment Gone Rouge


Things can certainly get tricky when man-made science experiments mix with the natural order of nature. The Indominus Rex's attack on Jurassic Park was the perfect example of that. However, what if something happened in the Jurassic labs that was bigger than the genitally modified dino... something that could not be contained?

The Jurassic World franchise has some incredible things going for it already, and I hope that under director Colin Trevorrow's vision, it keeps getting bigger and better.

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