Is 'BB17's Steve Being Awkward On Purpose?

As a super awkward person myself, I tend to hone in on other awkward people. It’s like a tribe I seek out to make myself feel less alone in my physical discomfort: Drop a glob of salsa on your shirt? I’ll want to talk to you at a party. Come out of the bathroom trailing toilet paper? I will sit by you at dinner. Fall down the stairs in front of a room of fifty people? We’ll be best friends. Weirdly, this hasn't been true of this season of Big Brother, though — as much as I love seeing awkward people, even I have had to wonder whether or not Big Brother's Steve’s awkwardness part of his strategy or if it's for real.

Because, let’s face it, he is more uncomfortable than anyone I have ever seen in real life or on television. To the point where, sometimes, he seems like a caricature straight out of a Jim Carey movie. I mean, is anyone really that awkward? Also, why would the producers would cast someone who was so uncomfortable in their own skin for a show that is all about drama, challenges, and social interaction? Both seem highly unlikely to me, which is why I have to wonder if what Steve is doing is merely for sport. Because there are some serious benefits to being the awkward loner in the house.

I mean, who would concentrate on sending home the awkward kid in the corner? He’s totally unassuming and non-threatening to everyone’s game at this point. Aside from the intellectual challenges, he has been sure to stay out of everyone’s way and keep relatively to himself. But isn’t this one of the strongest strategies in Big Brother history? There’s a serious benefit to being so awkward: No one in the house is going to see you as a threat.

Because Steve’s awkwardness — whether it’s asking Jason for a hug or offering to get Da’Vonne anything she needs — is too over-the-top to be part of his character. And it’s gained him a secure spot in the house, too: He's snuck past nomination ceremonies and eviction nights without breaking a strategic sweat. Why? Because who’s going to vote out the awkward lovable guy who doesn’t really bother anyone or pose any sort of threat?

That’s right. No one.

Only time will tell if Steve’s personality is all for show or really who he is, but I think it’s highly unlikely that it’s not at least being played up for the sake of winning the game. He’s a smart guy, that Steve — maybe enough so to know what it takes to win Big Brother.

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