Is CeCe Drake Red Coat on 'PLL'?

We Pretty Little Liars fans love a good conspiracy theory, especially if it makes us think we're one step closer to finding out who is "A." Thanks to one of the actresses on the show — and a smart Reddit user — we might be one step closer to identifying one of the key players. Reddit user wallflowerwrenisa just pointed out that the Twitter bio of Vanessa Ray, AKA CeCe Drake, hints that she could be Red Coat.

Ray's bio reads, "The girl who is always procrastinating doing her laundry. Currently wearing a Cop uniform & Red Coat. Live,Love, Happy-NESS." The "cop uniform" bit points to her role as Officer Edit Jenko on Blue Bloods , while the "Red Coat" line is a nod to her recurring role on Pretty Little Liars. So how much confidence should we place in this as a hint?

Let's back up a little. In the Season 4 finale "Now You See Me, Now You Don't," CeCe was revealed to be one of two people wearing the infamous red coat. While we know multiple people have donned the garment, it's unclear how many people have, since when we do see their faces, they're usually wearing masks.

However, "Red Coat" (note the capital letters) refers to a former disguise of A-team leader. In other words, Red Coat is believed to have been the person who stole the game from Mona in Season 3. Ray's use of the capital letters, especially since she hasn't been a prominent part of Season 6, could be a hint that she is the Red Coat. It's worth nothing that in the Season 5 premiere, "EscApe From New York," Alison claims that CeCe isn't part of the A-team. However, if Pretty Little Liars can resurrect Mona from the dead, surely they can write in a justification for CeCe to be Red Coat.

Still with me? Ray's Twitter bio is definitely thought-provoking, but the good news is that we're about the reach the penultimate episode of the "Summer of Answers." Fans will reportedly find out the identity of Red Coat (as well as why A has been targeting the Liars) in "Game Over, Charles," which will air on Aug. 11.

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