11 Badass Sneakers That'll Rival Ruby Rose's

Not only is Ruby Rose a confidence-affirming poster girl for gender fluidity and a talented and internationally successful model and actress, but she also has pretty brilliant taste in sneakers. Many casual footwear connoisseurs would probably sell their entire Converse collection to own Ruby Rose's high top sneakers. Judging from her extensive shoe wardrobe, she appears to own a pair of high tops to suit every occasion out there. From a red and gold pair for kicking back in the city while running errands to masterful monochrome for a Hollywood spa visit to brilliant white to finish off an all-alabaster outfit for a Los Angeles house viewing, Rose is truly winning the shoe game.

The 29-year-old actress often proves that the humble high top is an effortlessly stylish yet totally practical footwear choice for almost any event. Are you frequenting a muddy festival, but want to avoid using wellies as your footwear du jour? Opt for high tops! Do you have far too little time to make the morning train after one snooze button press too many? High tops, again. Just want to up the edginess ante of your daily workwear? High tops, high tops, always high tops.

Personally, I'm always on the hunt for kicks offering a handy height boost. This, combined with my adoration for bright, gaudy colors, is probably why I found myself falling for Ruby Rose's freshly Instagrammed, pristinely presented pair of Busemi Altas.

Made by hand in the Marche region of Italy, these bright orange babies feature a gold-plated shoelace padlock and a sneaky concealed lift in the heel, offering legs a tasty two inches of height without compromising on comfort or danceability.

However, there is one small, teeny tiny snag: Purchasing these astronomically gorgeous kicks will set you back somewhere in the region of $890. Now, I don't know about you, but frankly I don't have that princely sum of money to hand at a moment's notice. Instead, I've set out on an intrepid trek to find some covetable kicks that'll turn Ruby Rose herself green with envy, whilst offering you slightly more bargain for your buck.

1. Super Vaider High Top Sneakers

Super Vaider High Top Sneakers, $49.50,

Whether you're taking a walk on the wild side or simply heading down to the bar, these monochrome cheetah print high tops will effortlessly show the world that you mean business, whatever you choose to pair them with.

2. Air Force High Tops In Classic White

Nike Air Force 1 Hi Premium Coated Twill and Leather Sneakers, $130,

Whether you're donning your trusty black skinnies, a flowing white sundress, or a bodycon skirt, why not mix and match these ultra hot Air Force 1's with your entire wardrobe? You might come across your new favorite outfit.

3. Chuck Taylor Metallic All Star Wedge

Chuck Taylor All Star Lux Wedge Lurex, $49.99,

If after work drinks turn into a full blown night on the town a little more regularly than you'd like to admit, you'll be looking for a sneaker that can carry you from day to night. Contrasting a comfortable, classic high top design with a concealed wedge heel and silver or black metallic finish, these sneaks are the perfect middle ground between coffee run and eighth margarita.

4. Converse's Pride Kicks

Chuck Taylor All Star Pride, $65,

Born out of Converse's support of LGBTQ rights, these rainbow high tops mix the iconic Chuck Taylor design with an exclusive print, and would make the perfect partner to anything denim.

5. Converse Rubber High Tops

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Rubber High Top Sneaker, $70,

If you're even remotely as bright-color-bonkers as I am, then these innovative rubber Converse (preferably in red) are going to seem like the best thing ever. Mixing Converse cool with the welly boot effect for water resistant sneakers that still look stylishly streamlined, these trainers contain a soft fleece lining for cozy, cuddly tootsie-warmth, and are perfect for reminding yourself what the sun looks like on blustery autumn days.

6. Adidas White And Orange Superstar Up Rita Ora Sneakers

Adidas White and Orange Superstar Up Rita Ora Sneakers, $70,

Adorned with an eye-catching Asian-inspired dragon print, these beautiful sneakers are born from an Adidas x Rita Ora collaboration, and boast a concealed seven centimeter wedge heel. What's more? Their summery color palette combined with a white shell toe and sole means they'll be equally at home with a plain black outfit or creatively clashing against colorful clothing.

7. Nike Dunk Sky High Jolie

Nike Dunk Sky Hi Jolie, $150,

These are ideal for when you feel like rocking the sportswear look for evening but fancy a bit of height, too. These sleek black high tops will have you feeling as sky-high as the name implies. Offering breathable comfort, a nearly three-inch wedge heel, and a satisfyingly ultra cushioning, these shoes will add comfortable chicness to any outfit you choose.

8. Supra Cuttler Cheetah High Top Sneakers

Supra Cuttler Cheetah High Top Sneakers, $54,

The animal print and gold-tone zip-up detailing add a smarter feel to the classic black leather skate shoe design, while the rubber grip sole and high quality construction mean they'd be just as happy at the skate park as they would in the office.

9. Nike Blue Dunk Sky High Trainers

Nike Blue Dunk Sky High Sneakers, $89.99,

I shamelessly adore the '90s fashion revival down to its very bones, and when I look at these amazing blue and white high tops, the tie dye touting, denim devoted eight-year-old inside of me incessantly squeals with delight. The eight centimeter hidden wedge makes me feel like I could reach for the stars whilst the cozy padded ankle collar gives a snug fit and prevents potential ankle-twisting when you're running for the bus.

10. Adidas Honey 2.0 Rita Ora Trainers In Black

Adidas Honey 2.0 Rita Ora Trainers In Black , $47,

Another lovechild of the Adidas x Rita Ora collaboration, the Adidas Honey 2.0 Rita Ora kicks mix sleek patent leather with a cool X-ray print design for a futuristic footwear style that you're unlikely to find anywhere else.

11. Superdry Super Crampon Boots In Optic/Honolulu

Superdry Super Crampon Boots In Optic/ Honolulu, $43,

Being in the UK, my sneakers have been witness to more dull, dreary days than I'd care to remember. But with these cheerily bright Hawaiian print sneakers, I'll be too busy staring at my feet in awe to remember how far I am from sun-soaked islands. They also rock yet another cheeky concealed wedge, hail from a satisfyingly durable brand, and cost less than $50, crowning them my ultimate pair of high tops.

These chic yet practical shoes will have you looking like Ruby Rose in no time, sans the $800 price tag.

Images: Courtesy Brands