Nia's Music Video Was Featured On 'Dance Moms'

Nia Sioux had a big night during the August 4 episode of Dance Moms, since Nia filmed her music video for her new song "Slay." Her good fortune continued in the episode when she beat Kalani for first place in the solo competition during the episode "Nia vs. Kalani: Winner Takes All." While she wasn't guaranteed a solo from Abby Lee like she was supposed to be, Nia should still be riding high since her video for "Slay" looked really fierce and featured her mom Holly, fellow dancer JoJo Siwa, JoJo's mom Jessalynn, and even Carmen Electra. When her video is released, it's bound to be buzzworthy.

Nia already has a music video out for her single "Star In Your Own Life," which premiered on the Dance Moms April 28 episode, "Showdown in Pittsburgh, Part 1." Abby Lee and members of the Abby Lee Dance Company (ALDC) were not thrilled the first time Nia's music took the spotlight and the same thing happened again this time. The only supportive mother-daughter team was Jessalynn and JoJo, as both of them were featured in Nia's video. With Jill and Melissa, Holly took offense when they seemingly dismissed the inquiries by some of the Murrieta Dance project moms about Nia's music ventures.

While the music video for "Slay" hasn't been released yet, Nia should get some acknowledgment once it's out since the video looked like a fun time. And Nia and Holly should realize they shouldn't do anything solely based on getting recognition from Abby Lee Miller or the other Dance Moms.