Leave Reality Behind In 'Sucker Punch' Makeup

It's been four years since Sucker Punch was first released and I still can't get over the epic style in this awesome movie. The perfect locations, CGI dream worlds, Sucker Punch makeup, and beautiful costumes are enough to make you wish that you existed in the film; albeit the unfair treatment of women and the fear of a possible looming lobotomy on the cards might change your mind pretty quickly. That being said, it would be a personal dream come true for me if everyone wore Sucker Punch vintage inspired clothes and cosmetics in day to day existence.

In Sucker Punch, the leading lady Babydoll is seen wearing huge false eyelashes throughout the movie — which some may argue to be super silly considering she is attempting to slay dragons and battle futuristic robots. Yet this full on beauty look lends her an air of pretty, doll-like glamour, which contrasts against the haunting narrative and the reality of her somewhat dire situation.

On occasion, I love getting all dolled up, whether this be for a party, a special occasion, or just because I feel like it. When the latter moment arises, a great look to channel is a Sucker Punch inspired beauty one. Sucker Punch makeup makes me feel totally glamorous, helps me escape the mundane routine of everyday life, and allows me to feel like a super heroine version of myself (which I guess is how Babydoll feels when she enters her alternative, imagined realities).

So here's how to get two iconic looks inspired by Sucker Punch — one for the day and one for the night — so you can be a vintage vixen whenever you desire.


Before starting, I moisturized my skin and applied Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation in "Vanilla." I didn't wear false eyelashes in either of these looks because I wanted to show that they can be worn with or without, as I know falsies aren't for everyone. So if you fancy ramping up the glam, feel free to don some false lashes with either of these looks.

I was ready to transform, although it would have been really cool if I had started dancing, closed my eyes, and woken up from my trance with all my makeup done perfectly like Babydoll's. A girl can dream!

The "Natural" Babydoll Day Look

Now, I am not by any means saying this metallic, false-lashed look is a completely natural, everyday style, but I wanted to tone it down just a little so that it could be. This is the beauty look that Babydoll is seen wearing throughout the majority of the film and she sports a heavier version of this look towards the end.

To begin this look, I brushed some pink Bourjois blush in “Rose Frisson" to get Babydoll's rosy cheeks.

Next, I applied the lightest shadow from my L’Oréal Paris Color Riche Les Ombres palette in “Smoky Eyes Velours Noir." I made sure to apply it around the inner corners of my eyes as this was similar to Babydoll's style.

After this, I swept some L’Oréal Paris Color Riche eyeshadow in “Nude” from my brow bones up towards my eyebrows.

The next step included drawing a line in a darker shade, so I picked a silver from the aforementioned L’Oréal palette and drew just below my brow bone, making sure it tailed up in a feminine flick at the end.

Here's where I softened things up a bit. In order to make this look more of a daytime style, I used a brown Colorsport 24 Hour Eyeliner pen to line my top lash lines instead of the black that Babydoll wears.

To complete this look, I applied a layer of my Lush "Eyes Right" mascara to open up my eyes. IMO, this makes for a soft, summery, yet elegant style that could be worn for a day at the office and would take you right through to cocktails after work.

The Vampy Dr. Vera Gorski Evening Look

In reality, Dr. Gorski is the psychiatrist at Lennox House for the Mentally Insane where protagonist Babydoll finds herself after being accused of murdering her sister by her no good stepfather. However, in Babydoll's imagination (where she envisages Lennox House as a brothel) Dr. Vera Gorski is reimagined as the girls' dance instructor. Dr. Gorski is usually seen in very vampy, dark makeup that gives her character a dramatic yet decadent flair.

To start Dr. Gorski's look, I made my eyebrows darker with the previously mentioned brown eyeshadow.

I then proceeded to sweep a silver eyeshadow from my L’Oréal palette all over both of my eyelids in order to create a base for the upcoming darker shade.

Next, I took to the really neat applicator from the L’Oréal palette that has a diagonal head on one end. I used this applicator to apply the darkest shade from the same color palette onto my eyes, making sure to create a large cat like flick on both sides.

After this, I applied a black Laval kohl eyeliner to my bottom lash lines. I drew only about a third of the way across in order to keep the emphasis on my dramatic eyeshadow and to frame my eyes. To complete my eye makeup, I applied a layer of my Lush mascara.

Next, I moved onto my lips. I began by drawing a beauty spot just below my mouth to replicate Dr. Gorski's. Then I (very badly) drew around my lips with my brown eyeliner pen — don't worry germ freaks, I was all cleaned up to avoid cross contamination — and filled in my lips with a Boots' Natural Collection Moisture Shine lipstick in "Crimson."

This was the completed look: A sultry, vintage-esque makeup look that would be perfect for a night out, a trip to the theatre, or to watch a burlesque show.

Become your own super heroine 24/7 and make your own reality in Sucker Punch inspired makeup, too.

Images: Phoebe Waller; Giphy