'BB' Fans & Houseguests Have A Crazy Clelli Theory

Over the course of this season of Big Brother , Clay and Shelli's showmance has been pretty polarizing. They have been dominating the game until recently and played a major role in the past few evictions, so it makes sense for fans to have conflicting views on the couple. But fans are not the only ones talking about Clelli — or Slay, as I prefer to call them. Their fellow houseguests have had a lot to say and it's moved beyond game talk. There's actually a theory going around the house that Shelli and Clay are related. Why is this? The two competitors sort of look alike, and people are freaking out over the resemblance. Plus, Clay looks like Shelli's brother. But a lot of people look similar, so why is anyone jumping to such a ludicrous conclusion just because they are both blondes with perfect teeth and golden tans? Because they are on Big Brother, that's why!

The show has been on television for 17 seasons and there have been plenty of crazy twists, so this would not be super shocking in the grand scheme of things. There is absolutely no actual evidence that Shelli and Clay are related in any way, but that hasn't stopped fans from theorizing. Here's why some BB fans and houseguests have become a little paranoid about this showmance.

This Twist Has Happened Before

If you're wondering how this outrageous idea could ever formulate in the houseguests' minds, it's probably because Big Brother has pulled this stunt before. The theme for Big Brother 5 was Project DNA. During that season, it was revealed that Nakomis Dedmon and Michael Ellis were half-siblings when they did not know it themselves. This was revealed during week two of the competition that the two contestants were related. Season 5 was the first time the twin twist occurred on Big Brother and with Liz and Julia switching places this season, people believe that the half-sibling reveal could be a part of this season as well. However, if this were the case, producers likely would have shared that information early in the game just like in Season 5 — especially since this time around, Clay and Shelli are in a showmance.

Shelli & Clay Look Kind Of Similar

I would never see the two of them and think that they are related, but now that conspiracy theorists have put the thought in my mind, I guess you could say that they do look alike. They're both blonde, tan, and have white straight teeth, but so do a lot of people. I don't think that they look so much alike — they just have a few similar features.

Clay Resembles Shelli's Brother

Shelli has said multiple times that Clay looks pretty similar to her own brother. I wish I could unhear that. Obviously this is not actual evidence, but it's just kind of an icky thought to put out there in the universe. The side-by-side photo speaks for itself and is creeping me out.

Shelli Compared Herself To Clay's Mother

Once again this is just a thinly veiled comparison, but after the thought of Clay and Shelli possibly being related has spread throughout the house, it's become a stand out comment to the fans. When Clay was talking about his mother having a sweet tooth, Shelli exclaimed, "I'm just like her!" I'm sure that she only meant for it to be cute, but just given the background of this conspiracy theory, it's bad timing for such a comment.

Clay & Shelli Were Hesitant About PDA

Clay and Shelli have been considered to be a "couple" pretty much since the beginning of Big Brother 17. However, they barely showed any kind of affection. James theorized that this meant they were related and trying to hide it, but that's a huge stretch. Besides, they ended up kissing on Wednesday, essentially putting this theory to rest.

At this point, Clay and Shelli being related is nothing more than a silly idea spread by bored houseguests. It would be absurd for the Big Brother producers to let this showmance and its subsequent canoodling happen if this rumor was actually true. If they were going to unite a pair of unknown siblings again, it would have been way earlier in the season. The only thing this season has in common with Big Brother 5 is Julia and Liz's twin twist.

Image: CBS