Clelli's 'BB17' Kiss Ranks Pretty High In History

Sound the alarms, because Big Brother is celebrating a big moment inside the house. For those wondering "Will they or won't they?" or "Why can't that be me?", I can confidently answer: they will, and get in line. Shelli and Clay finally kissed on Big Brother 17 , and really this moment was inevitable. There's been way too much talk about Clay's mom, Shelli's dog, and life outside the Big Brother house for them to not kiss the week one of them will be sent home. But, how does the Clelli kiss rank amongst other Big Brother kisses? Past houseguests have not been shy about locking lips, but Shelli and Clay definitely hold a high title (just look at them!).

Clay and Shelli shared some kisses just a day before one of them is sent packing and left to watch the rest of the season at home. The jury is still out on which one of them that will be — the house has seriously flip flopped a million times since the Veto Ceremony — but no matter who leaves, it will put an end to the Clelli romance. For now.

Clelli's showmance is not unlike the many other showmances that have taken place inside that very house, within that very same backyard. Their kiss just solidifies that they're one for the romance books on the Big Brother bookshelf. But how does this kiss rank amongst other Big Brother smooches? In the past, there have been some steamy to downright terrifying kisses, to hilarious pecks. Here's how Clelli's first kiss compars to other Big Brother kisses, from absolute worst — read: this image is burned in my mind forever — to best.

8. Austin & Liz, Big Brother 17

What's more upsetting about this kiss? That Liz is a mummy? That Liz doesn't like Austin? Or that AUSTIN IS SO CLUELESS AND IS STALKING LIZ IN A CONFINED SPACE?

7. Judd & Jessie, Big Brother 15

Low on the list because Big Brother 15 was the worst. (Still beats Austin, though.)

6. Frankie & Zach, Big Brother 16

Much to the chagrin of many Zankie fans, there was never any lip-to-lip contact for these two.

5. Shane & Danielle, Big Brother 14

These two were really cute, but also really boring.

4. Brendon & Rachel, Big Brother 12 & 13

Can't even throw shame to these two because they're married and happy.

3. Shelli & Clay, Big Brother 17

Ah, yes. Here is where I would place our tragically beautiful Clelli. Let's hope we see a little more lip action when one of them is heading out the door.

2. Hayden & Nicole, Big Brother 16

These two were just too damn likable, of course you were rooting for them to kiss!

1. Nicole & Jocasta, Big Brother 16

Nicole sweeps the top two spots of this list, but her Jocasta kiss wins first by a landslide. The out-of-nowhere kiss was hilarious, shocking, and completely GIF-able. Enjoy.

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Images: CBS