What Disney Princesses Look Like As Old Ladies

I have way too many emotions when it comes to Disney manips on the interwebs, and they're all threatening to burst thanks to BuzzFeed's Disney princesses in old age. You may recall honorary Disney princess Loryn Brantz's edits turning Disney princes into silver foxes (my uterus sure does), but her work on these has brought the whole fandom full circle. Loryn said that the inspiration for this set was to prove that the princesses could be silver foxes, too. And it's official: They aren't just silver foxes. They are shiny, rainbow, PERFECT foxes, and I want to be BFFs with them all.

Looking at these is probably the first time I've ever looked forward to being a granny. I want to go to bridge club with Belle. I want to sit in on the martial arts Mulan probably teaches to her granddaughter's P.E. class. I want to swap recipes with Tiana and knit things for cute babies with Cinderella and get into a low-key Fitbit steps battle walking with Aurora in the woods. But mostly, I just want a movie featuring all of our faves in their old age as the Sequel To End All Sequels, because God knows this group has been through enough shenanigans that they deserve the peace and quiet of 90 animated minutes sipping on tea and humble bragging about their grandkids. Here's a peek at what that would look like:

Young Tiana

Tiana In Old Age

She's obviously rocking the gray hair, the same way she's rocking every PTA bake sale from here to the moon. Everyone who is anyone in New Orleans goes to her restaurant, and she keeps all the leftovers to feed the homeless and surprise food kitchens with fresh beignets. Her fiercest competition? Her own kids, who have each opened their own restaurants ... across the damn street.

Young Belle

Belle In Old Age

Of course her turtleneck game is on fleek. At this point, her grandkids are probably fighting for who gets to snuggle closest during story time — that is, on the nights that Belle isn't busy traveling around for the small book club empire she created as the Oprah of 1800s France. She and the Beast also lead weekly ballroom dance lessons for local seniors, because duh.

Presumably, the princesses all got through the hazards of young adulthood, which might have involved Brantz's depictions of them with real makeup or real hair. Props, princesses. You survived the Huns, a sea witch, a bunch of curses, and the existential crises of your mid-20s! Pats on the back all around.

To see how all the rest of your faves fared, check out Brantz's full post, "Here Are All The Disney Princesses In Their Old Age," on BuzzFeed. And check out more of her work on Twitter or her website.

Images: Disney(2); Courtesy of Loryn Brantz for BuzzFeed(2)