What Is The New Eight-Person Alliance On ‘BB17'?

by Emily Lackey

I know what you’re thinking. “Really? Another eight-person alliance on Big Brother?” Because, honestly, that is exactly what I thought when I saw that another massive alliance had formed in the Big Brother house this season. I mean, have these houseguests not learned anything? Judging by the past few weeks, they should know better than to form enormous alliances (RIP, Dark Moon and The Sixth Sense). Nothing good can come from pledging your loyalty to seven different people, all of whom are totally untrustworthy and likely to sell you down the river. But, since it's happening, it's worth figuring out who is in the new eight-person alliance, and how have they promised to be loyal to each other?

The alliance formed recently in the house as talk of a double eviction started to pick up. The double eviction twist, which has happened pretty regularly on past seasons of the Big Brother, would involve two houseguests being evicted in one week. It’s a doozy of a twist, and has the potential to wreck alliances if people are trying to backdoor each other, or nominate various pawns at the wrong time. So, the new alliance formed based off of that — houseguests all gathered in the HoH room and agreed that, if there is a double eviction, they will not nominate any of the people in their new alliance.

But who’s in this new, enormous alliance? None other than Liz, Julia, Austin, Jackie, James, Becky, Meg, and Vanessa have all joined forces to make sure that none of them get nominated during the double eviction week. So, who does that leave in the dust? An eight-person alliance at this stage of the game is massive, and there aren’t that many people left behind. There’s just John, Steve, Clay, and Shelli.

Also, since Clay and Shelli are both up on the block this week (and whoever is left will probably be on the block next week), that means this new monster alliance just totally screwed over John and Steve.

What the what?! That seems pretty brutal to me... but that’s probably why I’m not in the Big Brother house right now.

This all means that, if the alliance holds, John and Steve will be the next targets for the house. But honestly, I wouldn’t count on anything just yet. A number of people in this new alliance have proven time and time again to not be trustworthy and to be more than eager to go back on their word, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they fall apart just as quickly as they formed.

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Image: CBS (2)