Zendaya's Shoe Line Is Perfection

Zendaya's has been teasing her fans and stylish ladies everywhere with her impending shoe line, and the actress has just given us a glimpse. Zendaya's sneak peek of her shoe line, Sole of Daya, came on the star's Instagram today, and it's only got us more excited for the looks to be available to all of us. While she's given us a peek in the past, this one gives us a much larger view of the designs, and they're all gorgeous!

Back in April, style star Zendaya released the news that she'd be launching a shoe line, and based solely on her cool, daring style, who wasn't excited about it? The line is a collaboration between the star and her stylist Law Roach. The pair have created gorgeous, fashionable looks for the singer that range from sweet to super edgy. Whether she's mixing silhouettes and rocking leather culottes and a crop top at a movie premiere or walking the red carpet at the 2014 BET Awards in a bomber jacket and cap in a sporty look that didn't quite work, the actress and singer isn't afraid to take risks with fashion, and that's what makes me super excited about the upcoming shoe line!

The image Zendaya posted showed some of her gorgeous shoes around a vase with flowers. Sandals, sneakers, flats, pumps, and strappy heels could all be seen, and that makes total sense given Zendaya's pension for different shoe styles.

Zendaya also accompanied her Instagram post with a tweet to her followers. She let everyone know that she's taking care of her fans and those looking forward to the shoe line. She wrote, "Doing my best to get the best prices but not sacrifice the quality of the shoe, feel me? #igotyouboo." The star also made sure that the shoe line would be comfy for the stylish ladies who purchased the footwear.

Though the line doesn't debut in stores until the Fall, Zendaya is giving us a ton to be excited about. The diversity of looks and promise of comfort and affordability make me think that this line is destined to be on of the most successful celeb designs ever.

Images: Zendaya/Instagram (2)