Katie Holmes Wore Stilettos With Athletic Leggings

Street style is just that — what you wear when you are out and about, on the go, and doing fun stuff. It doesn't need to be strict or follow rules and can reflect your mood and personality. Well, Katie Holmes' recent stilettos and athletic leggings ensemble came under fire as questionable street style.

I admit, the red animal print leggings and black stilettos with gold heels was an odd and unexpected pairing. Heels and leggings on the other hand? That's a pretty common look that can be chic and sexy. It often elongates the leg. The heels can also dress up a pair of simple leggings. That's not the issue here.

Critics have a problem with the fact that Holmes paired the heels with bottoms that look meant for the gym instead of the street.

There are endless possible reasons why Holmes may have opted for the heels rather than sneakers that could have been deemed more appropriate. Maybe she wore the heels because she lost her sneakers? Maybe she was in a rush and her fancy outfit meant to be paired with these heels was tucked in her backpack? Or perhaps she just wanted to do so something quirky!

The side striping and the animal print do give the leggings a super casual feel.

The denim shirt and the backpack are casual, as well. But really, would a pair of trainers or Chuck Taylors make much of a difference here? Had she gone that route, we might be seeing commentary about Holmes being a style schlub.

This is not the world's most hideous outfit. It may not be something I would wear, but street style is meant to be representative of the person sporting it.

The heels are the standout and they caught our attention for whatever reason. Plus, how many times has Lady Gaga gone without pants or has Rihanna worn pajamas as outerwear? To each her own.

I applaud Holmes, who is a busy mother to young fashion plate Suri, for wearing whatever she wants.


She has plenty of great looks in her repertoire. Style rules are made to be broken and with her leggings and heels outfit, she doesn't seem to care. Good for her.