Why You Shouldn't Try To Grab Taylor Swift Onstage

Apparently some people still need to get learnt on the whole "look, don't touch" thing, because two men tried to grab Taylor Swift at a concert in Edmonton on Tuesday. The pop star was right in the middle of her hit song "Bad Blood" when the two of them simultaneously leapt toward the catwalk where Swift was performing and tried to grab at her ankles. Swift stopped for a moment mid-song — they threw off the empress's groove! — but she kept moving and handled the weirdness like a total champ. Needless to say, her security team was on those creeps like butter on toast, and I'll be shocked if they ever see the inside of a Taylor Swift concert again.

Fans all over the stadium were filming when it happened, and the video they caught is scary to watch. This is far from the first time Taylor Swift has dealt with fans going too far — in 2014, she filed a restraining order against a man who had been stalking her for years, sending chilling messages threatening "any man" who came between them. In 2012, a man was arrested after trying to break into her Rhode Island home with the intent of spending her birthday with her.

But just because this kind of thing has happened before doesn't make it any less terrible. Here are some of the videos fans captured Tuesday night:

Incidentally, she's got plenty of "Bad Blood" with those two now. No word yet on whether or not they were sent to secret Swift concert jail (I imagine there are teacakes — teacakes that taste like guilt), but I'm glad that her team was on top of it, even if it was weird that they got that far onto the stage in the first place.

Of course, Taylor isn't the only star who has had to deal with mid-concert weirdness from fans. Here are a few other awkward moments:

That Time Someone Threw A Phone At One Direction

Literally crying that they called her mom onstage. I might actually have to risk certain death and attend a 1D concert if this kind of stuff is going down.

That Time A Woman Attack Hugged Adam Levine Mid-Concert

Again, handled like a champion.

That Time Someone Threw A Dildo At Adam Lambert

I ... don't even know what to say, human race.

In any case, I'm looking forward to the tell all that Taylor Swift releases of the Weirdest Stuff That Has Happened To Her sometime in the next 50 years. She may say she's never going to write a book, but I am calling that bluff and calling it hard. It is her destiny. And reading it fifty times is mine.