The Ari By Ariana Grande Print Campaign Is Here

If you've been keeping up with all Ariana Grande's signature fragrance deets, you know all about its gold-embossed lavender packaging, that the bottle resembles Time Square's new years ball, and the pink liquid smells like a marshmallow dream. With all the performer's social media leaks, I totally forgot about the highly anticipated Ari by Ariana Grande print campaign,which was revealed Thursday via Grande's Instagram account.

LUXE Brand and Bartle Bogle Hegarty Los Angeles collaborated on the fragrance ad, and I am thoroughly impressed by just how perfectly it visually embodies the essence of the perfume.

The "Love Me Harder" singer is photographed in what looks to be a mansion hallway, sporting her signature high ponytail in a white crop top and blush pink high wasted bottoms. The color scheme of the ad matches the perfume's glass bottle and pompom detail, and while I was a little disappointed that no kittens were involved in this project (not even a cat ear headband in sight), I am all for the three Dalmatians Grande has on a leash.

Note the performers puckered lips and right eyed wink? Grande may produce chart-topping hits, traveled the world, and become one of Hollywood's most sought after It girls to date, but she is still only 22 years old, and likes to remind us that while there is no denying she's sexy, she's also quite silly. Her facial expression says it all.

If I was putting out my own signature fragrance, I would probably be just as excited as Grande, who naturally failed to keep anything regarding her perfume a secret for very long. I'm surprised the performer found a print advertisement necessary considering the best marketing tool is most likely her Instagram account.

While you enjoy Ari by Ariana Grande's print advertisement, let's recap on the 3 major times Grande revealed her signature fragrance details to her 40 million Instagram followers.

1. SnapChat Secrets

Grande leaked black and white and color photos of the fragrance's packaging on SnapChat back in June. Apparently the performer was only supposed to was only supposed to give us a sneak peak of the fragrance's name. Oops!

2. Bottle & Release Date

It didn't take very long before Grande filled us in on what beautiful bottle art was wrapped in her fancy packaging. She also threw in that her signature fragrance would be available in stores this September.

3. Smell

With the launch of came the big reveal of what the performer's signature fragrance actually smells like. She had teased in previous posts that Ari by Ariana Grande smelt "like a dream" which was obviously code for marshmallows.

Images: Courtesy of LUXE Brands, arianagrande/Instagram (3)