Man Surprises Wife By Telling Her She's Pregnant

In the pregnancy plot twist of the century, a husband surprised his wife with a pregnancy announcement. You might be wondering how that is possible in a universe where science hasn't mastered the concept of male pregnancy. (Yet.) But no, it's not science catching up to my hopes and dreams. Rather, it turns out that this guy was one crafty human, and figured out a way to tell his wife she was pregnant before she even fully knew herself. I'm gonna need everyone reading this to buckle up, cuz there are some FEELINGS ahead.

The couple already has two (ridiculously adorable) children, but have been hoping to add another to their brood. So Sam, the husband, concocted a seriously clever plan after the wife, Nia, mentioned that she was two weeks late. When Nia didn't flush the toilet after peeing, in an effort not to wake up the baby, Sam took a (literally) golden opportunity to steal some of her pee and take the pregnancy test for her. And I think it's safe to say without spoiling the video that YES, SHE'S PREGNANT. And the bundle of cells inside her is already more Internet famous then I will ever hope to be.

Future dads of the universe, take note. This is how you prank your pregnant wife like a boss.

1. Find Some Pee

Finding someone who is this excited about our bodily fluids should be all of our #RelationshipGoals.

2. Test That Pee

This is Sam wigging out when the two lines popped up on the screen. Can I get a d'awwwwww.

3. Taunt Your Wife With That Pee

Sam spent a few minutes dropping hints about things his wife couldn't have anymore, until she figured out that he was dropping pregnancy hints and appropriately tried to shush him.

4. Present The Pee

She has no idea what's happening, and I'm SO HERE FOR IT.

To see her adorable reaction when he finally tells her the truth, watch the video below:

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