9 Songs That Every Gemini Should Listen To

A Gemini is a delicate, complicated creature. Known for being equal parts witty, chatty, flighty, and impulsive, the only thing you can really count on when interacting with a Gemini is you'll never really know what — or who — you'll get. In the spirit of full disclosure, my birthday falls squarely in the middle of June qualifying me a certified Gemini, so I may be a bit biased in my opinion that Geminis are some of the smartest, cutest, funniest (I could go on and on) and most interesting people you'll ever meet. Not to say that all Geminis embody the traits characteristic of their astrological sign, or that all those traits are necessarily positive — but I think I'm pretty accurate in saying that everyone who calls this sign their own has a certain set of interests, and that includes the music and songs that Geminis love.

Depending on how seriously you take the zodiac, it can be fun to see which personality traits you think you might embody, and what that means for your interactions with others born during the rest of the year. If you're really feeling your sign and wanting to delve deep into the characteristically dual spirit of the Gemini, here is the perfect playlist to get you started on the path to a higher astrological consciousness.

Calling all Geminis to the dance floor: these songs are all for you.

1. "Hot N Cold," Katy Perry

Because sometimes you're indecisive, and everyone else need to deal.

2. "Split Personality," P!nk

A song that will appeal to both sides of your personality.

3. "Cool For The Summer," Demi Lovato

Summer is the time of year when Geminis truly come alive.

4. "Fancy," Drake Featuring Swizz Beats And T.I.

Defining Gemini trait: you love a good party, especially if you get to dress up. YAAASSSS there will be people there! You love people!

5. "Basketcase," Green Day

Your inner monologue never stops, and sometimes things get a little crazy in the space known as your inner consciousness.

6. "Wordplay," Jason Mraz

You really are all about that wordplay.

7. "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together," Taylor Swift

Not for now, at least.

8. "Talk," Coldplay

"Let's talk" is your motto.

9. "Forgot About Dre," Dr. Dre Featuring Eminem & Hittman

Because sometimes you feel chatty and you don't really care what comes out of your mouth. "TALKING IS SO FUN," — Every Gemini ever.

Go forth and celebrate your inner Gemini-ness! Both sides of your unique personality will thank you.