What Will 'Fantastic Four 2' Be About? Marvel's First Family Deserves A Lot More Action In The Sequel

Mr. Fantastic, the Invisible Woman, the Human Torch and the Thing will forever be staples in the Marvel universe. They were the first comic book superhero team that I remember growing fond of, and I don't think they'll be leaving the Marvel world anytime soon — or the movies, for that matter. With the Fantastic Four reboot giving the franchise a total makeover from the movies released in 2005 and 2007, hardcore fans might be wondering about a sequel before they even start watching the film out now. Thankfully, a follow-up set for 2017 is on its way — but what will Fantastic Four 2 be about?

In an interview with the International Business Times, actors Miles Teller, Kate Mara and Michael B. Jordan talked about the reboot and the potential sequel — or should I say sequels? Mara said that they are signed on to do "more than one" Fantastic Four movie, while Teller said, "Usually when you sign on to something like this, it’s like three [or] four. Honestly, that’s usually what the contract is."

Clearly, everyone has confidence in Fantastic Four becoming another hit franchise, just like Iron Man or Captain America. Not that the others aren't gonna keep going, as well — Fantastic Four 2 was announced as part of a huge timeline of comic book movies that dates all the way to 2020.


Since the next F4 movie will arrive in in just two years, now is a better time than ever to start getting excited for a sequel that will hopefully raise the stakes, get fans more invested in the characters, and bring us even more action than the first film. Here are some things that it could — and should — include:

Bryan Singer As The Director


He did amazing things with the X-Men movies, and there have been rumors that he might direct the Fantastic Four sequel. Imagine the possibilities.

Reed And Sue Hooking Up

They barely even flirt in the first one and the audience was dying to see them at least kiss. They are the first lady and gentleman of Marvel. We deserve to see them get together.

More Michael B. Jordan


The Fruitvale Station star is probably one of the best young actors of our generation. Give him more to do and let him stretch his dramatic chops as much as his action hero chops.

More Jamie Bell, Too


Bell's portrayal of The Thing was great, but it barely scratched the surface of the actor's talent.

A Peek At The Future Foundation


In the comics, Reed Richards creates a philanthropic organization that helps serve humanity's future. It brings together the brightest minds and turns them into a team that can help solve some of the world's most pressing problems. The ending of the movie hinted that they were going in this direction, so why not just follow through? The Fantastic Four franchise's greatest strength is that it focuses on science, and that should be milked for all that its worth. This could be an opportunity to introduce more characters into the fold (as they do in the comics) and create a worldly threat that can make for a great storyline with higher stakes.

Dr. Doom Getting The Day Off


Dr. Doom is great and all, but we've seen enough of him. The Fantastic Four has so many other villains to choose from: Mole Man, Namor, Galactus (which deserves another go after Rise of the Silver Surfer), Annihilus — but my vote would be the Skrull empire. Skrulls are an alien race of reptilian creatures and have been a formidable foe of the Fantastic Four. If the sequel focused on a battle between them, it would be like Alien with a Marvel twist. It would be so much fun.

More Stretching, Invisibility, Torching And Clobbering!


The first movie established the characters and what they can do. Now that we know what they are capable of, it's time to see them have a little more fun with it... by kicking some bad guy butt.

The sequel to Fantastic Four has the potential to be the franchise's best film yet, so here's hoping the two-year wait flies by.

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