Why Becky Is The Most Hilarious Person In The 'Big Brother' 17 House

Why is that the Big Brother cameras always miss the most hilarious people in the house? Without fail, every season, the cameras focus on whoever is causing the most drama and completely ignore the awkward and hilarious houseguests who are actually the people we want to watch. Like, for instance, the most hilarious person in Big Brother 17, Becky. She's the most underrated player in the Big Brother house this season, if you ask me, and unless you’re watching the live feeds and seeing her in all of her 24/7 glory, then you’re probably missing out on this player as she continually entertains everyone in the house.

So, what exactly are you missing out on when it comes to Becky? Oh, just the fact that she and John have been flirting, like, all season. And that she’s actually super smart. And the fact that she is freaking hilarious on a regular basis. Like, seriously, she's the Amy Schumer of the Big Brother house. Not only is Becky doing a pretty bang up job of playing the Big Brother game so far (that move where she aligned herself with James but also clued Shelli and Clay into the fact that they were probably going to get nominated for eviction? Seriously, one of the best moves all season), she’s one of the funniest people in the house. Need more proof? Here are five reasons why Becky is, by far, the most hilarious person in the Big Brother house.

She Does Amazing Impressions

I can only imagine she’s impersonating Clay here. Because… who else?

She Has The Best Laugh

And it’s totally contagious.

She’s Totally Self-Deprecating

Which makes her even more hilarious. There’s nothing funnier than a girl who can laugh at herself.

She Commits

Nobody commits to a dare like Becky does.

She Calls It Like It Is

She knows what Big Brother is really all about and isn’t afraid to say it, which makes her even funnier in my eyes.

See what I mean? Becky is totally the rockstar of the Big Brother. And if those cameras don’t start spending more time on her, I’m going to go in there and direct this thing myself.

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