'Bachelor In Paradise' Star Tenley Molzahn Is Probably The Biggest Catch On The Show & Here's Proof

You know what, I am kind of happy Kiptyn had a baby with someone else because I am so excited that Tenley Molzahn is on Bachelor in Paradise and back in my life every Sunday and Monday. I hope, like on Bachelor Pad, that she finds someone new and awesome, because Tenley is a total catch. It’s probably super hard for her to date, actually, because she’s amazing, and it can difficult to find someone as awesome as her. Sorry about my girl crush here, but the guys on Bachelor in Paradise should be fighting over Tenley right now and I'm not sure why she had to resort to JJ giving her the final rose.

From what it looks like in the previews for Sunday's episode, Tenley is about to have three different men knocking on her door and I’m not really surprised at all. I mean she was runner-up in Jake Pavelka’s season and met Kiptyn while she was on Bachelor Pad and dated him for several years. So far in her life, two guys from Bachelor nation have fallen in love with her, and it’s really not that hard to see why. If you don’t understand it, I’m about to lay out all the reasons men should be falling at her freaking feet. If she ever became The Bachelorette, I think everyone would be on board with it.

1. She Has Her Friends' Backs

When everyone else laughed at Clare for talking to a crab, Tenley quickly came to her aid and clarified that Clare was actually talking to her and that she's not crazy. That's what a real friend does.

2. She Gives Us Serious #HealthGoals

Tenley is super into her health and being nutritious, and, because of that lifestyle, she is using her expertise to help others do the same. Not to mention all of her outdoorsy hiking photos and crazy poses on the beach give me serious health goals. I've debated signing up for her to teach me her ways.

3. She Volunteers Overseas

In case you thought she might only care about herself, you're wrong.

4. She Is An Actual Disney Princess

Angela Weiss/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Once upon a time, Tenley was Sleeping Beauty at Disneyland. I mean I'm not really sure what else guys are looking for these days but a girl who is smart AND worked as an actual Disney princess should be considered a catch. If she's not, then I give up.

5. She Is Genuinely A Good Person

I understand that most of The Bachelor franchise is editing, so you have to assume that even the people you aren't too fond of are probably good people, but even the worst edit can't make Tenley look like a bad person. That's how great she is.

6. She’s A Super Positive Person

Tenley literally is one of the most positive people out there. I mean, both Clare and Tenley have been on Bachelor and their spin-off series three times and while people (not myself) give Clare a lot of flack for it, no one even questions Tenley, and it’s probably because she's constantly upbeat about everything.

7. Not To Mention She’s Beautiful

She’s super pretty, and I need to know how her hair stays looking that awesome in Mexico, because after a few hours I would be looking like Diana Ross.

OK, fangirl moment over. Now, get to stepping, BiP boys. Tenley is a catch!

Images: ABC/Rick Rowell