Rebecca Black's "Saturday" Mocks Miley Cyrus, Is Far Better Than "Friday"

Take Miley Cyrus' "We Can't Stop" video, add a batch of Auto-Tune and a healthy portion of lame, and you've got Rebecca Black and Dave Days' "Saturday," the follow-up to Black's 2011 viral hit, "Friday." In fact, Black's latest release currently being passed around the Web is so similar to Cyrus' first single off Bangerz, that it's fairly clear that the product of the Ark Music Factory is mocking Cyrus. Not that we can have have enough "We Can't Stop" parodies. Really, it never gets old.

Besides, Black is turning out to be a perfectly pleasant pop culture phenomenon. Since becoming the object of Internet ridicule in 2011, Black has become a fun personality on Twitter, charming followers with self-deprecating 140-character updates. Just take Black's tweet on Dec. 21, 2012, the day the Mayans predicted (but not really) the world would end: "#endoftheworldconfession i'm more of a saturday person."

And, with "Saturday," Black certainly proved that. The song admittedly is better than Black's debut single, even if it's likely we can thank Days — a popular YouTube personality who specializes in parodies — for that. Because, unlike "Friday," "Saturday" is most definitely a parody. Just see this image from "Saturday":

And this image from "We Can't Stop":

And this image from "Saturday":

And this image from "We Can't Stop":

Watch Black's "Saturday" below, and get excited. You so excited.

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