What Happens In Jury House On 'Big Brother 17'? These Houseguests Are Easy To Predict

The Big Brother house is down to 11 members, which means that all evicted houseguests from now on will be sent to the jury house. They'll be held in a separate camera-free house, and kept from the outside world so they can vote for a winner at the end of the game. They'll still have to spend the remaining weeks with each other, so what will happen in the Jury House on Big Brother 17 ?

The first two members of the jury will be determined this coming week after a double eviction, which could possibly dismantle one of the two major alliances in the house. Hopefully those first two evictees are close to each other because they're going to see no one but each other for that first week. As more people get sent to the jury, the house will begin to fill up and feel less lonely as time goes on, and one of the jury members may even return! In past seasons, one of the best segments each week would be checking in with the jury house during the live episode to see what the former houseguests think about those still in the house (as well as watching new people arrive).

Here are some predictions as to how each houseguest will spend their time in the jury house (if they get sent there, that is).

Shelli — Crying Over Clay

Shelli was an absolute wreck as she watched Clay walk out the door to continue his ongoing quest to remove his shirt and slut-shame Meg outside of the Big Brother house. Her connection with Clay was so strong, that it seems unlikely she'll be getting over him anytime soon.

Vanessa — Talking Game

Vanessa seems to talk about nothing but the game inside the house, so why would she talk about it outside? Her main profession involves literally playing a game. Considering that a Jury Member will get the chance to return, it wouldn't shock me if Vanessa spent her jury time trying to win the other members over, only to have her return with some solidified votes for the finale.

Jackie — Throwing Shade

Jackie has stepped up and filled the void left by Da'Vonne and Jason, calling out whoever isn't being genuine in the house. In the jury house, Jackie will be given free reign to throw shade about anyone and everyone with no possible consequence.

James — Talking About Girls

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James loves talking about ladies. Sometimes he's good at censoring himself, and sometimes he just throw his opinions on women (both specific and as a whole) out into the world. In the jury house, James is going to be able to talk about girls all he wants, and may even try to start an actual showmance with Meg.

Austin — Pursuing Liz

Austin has explicitly stated that, after falling for Liz, his only goal in Big Brother was to get to the jury house so that he can be alone with her. Ew.

Liz — Avoiding Austin

Liz intends on waiting til jury to tell Austin that she's not into him, which means she's going to have a vengeful and emotional former wrestler that she has to live with until BB17 ends. Hopefully he'll stop touching her all the time.

Julia — Protecting Liz From Austin

Julia's primary mission in the house has been to protect her sister from the ponybeard spokesman known as Austin. It wouldn't be surprising if Julia self-evicted to make sure they were never alone in the jury house together.

Steve — Trying to Hook Up With Julia

Julia is one of a few houseguests that is genuinely nice to Steve, but unfortunately, it seems as though Steve is mistaking that kindness for flirting and intends on making a move in the jury house.

Meg — Drinking (Hopefully)

Drunk Meg is great. Sober Meg is cool, but Drunk Meg is fantastic. She's goofy, honest, and flirts with hot dudes that are already in committed showmances. If Big Brother allows alcohol in the jury house, Meg can enjoy her days sipping on wine and talking about what she would do with Clay given the opportunity.

John — Who Knows?

I'm still not certain that Johnny Mac is human. While in the jury house, he might give everyone free dental exams, but other than that I have no idea.

Becky — Just Bein' Becky

Becky is gonna do what Becky always does, and what Becky always does is talk about Becky. There's gonna be a lot of Becky talk in the jury house, so here's hoping she hasn't exhausted all her stories before the summer ends. For more on Big Brother 17, check out Bustle's podcast The Diary Room.

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